‘16.4 Billion’ Even if it’s not a shortstop in the national team… King Doru runs toward that dream

Oh Ji-hwan (32), the main shortstop of the LG Twins and national team shortstop, recently recorded the highest amount in the history of a non-FA multi-year contract. The contract was signed for 6 years from 2024 for a total of 12.4 billion won. His net guaranteed amount is 10 billion won, and the option is 2.4 billion won. He already finished the 2019 season and obtained his first FA qualification and signed a 4-year, 4 billion won contract. He is a 16.4 billion won shortstop.

Oh Ji-hwan clearly proved how a shortstop equipped with an offensive line can be treated. It is an exemplary case for Park Chan-ho (27), the starting shortstop for the KIA Tigers, who shows signs of growth every year. Unlike Oh Ji-hwan, who drew attention from the beginning, Park Chan-ho joined in 2014 and has not been even close to the starting lineup for several years. Since 2019, when he returned to service after serving as an active duty soldier, he has risen to the top.

Until last year, if you look at the number of registration days, you digested 4 seasons. His free agency period will be reduced to 8 seasons, and he will be eligible for free agency after completing the 2026 season. In the fall of only 31 years old, he could exercise his first free agent rights. Five years from 2014 are a waste of time, but it’s not too late. If you manage well, you can even exercise your second FA qualification.

Park Chan-ho is being evaluated for his ability in defense and running. He has already been crowned king of stolen bases in 2019 and 2022. Although he is not a very fast player, he became the king of stolen bases thanks to his innate running sense and bold judgment. In terms of defense alone, he ranks among the top-class players. Recently, as he refrained from fancy defense, his sense of stability and ratio increased.

It is also constantly evolving at bat. In the early days, he couldn’t properly beat the pro pitcher’s ball. However, through bulking up, systematic training, and experience at bat, he has changed dramatically. His contact ability improved, and strong and fast hits came out easily. In 2020, he was last in regular at bats (.223), and in 2022, he recorded a career high with 2.27, 4 homers, 45 RBIs, 81 points and 42 stolen bases.

Park Chan-ho does not have the long hitting power like Oh Ji-hwan, who recorded 20 homers and 20 stolen bases. In the 2022 season, 34% was the highest slugging percentage. The on-base percentage was also the highest last year at 34%. Along with the on-base percentage, the slugging percentage has been steadily increasing every year. In particular, now it is showing the possibility of challenging the 30% batting average. He is growing into a shortstop with offensive power. 안전놀이터

His self-management ability has improved as he has worked full-time for the last 4 years in a row. He was adept at how to prepare off-season and how to manage during the season. If he continues to improve his offensive numbers, he could become a three-star shortstop. If you continue to evolve, you will enjoy the joy of FA that you have never had in your life. Or, like Oh Ji-hwan, he can sign a multi-year contract early. As long as you don’t stop challenging your dreams.

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