“75% chance of Ha-seong Kim remaining SD” The Athletic “Ha-seong Kim provides enough value as a second baseman”

Ha-seong Kim seems to be staying with the San Diego Padres.

After San Diego showed an attitude that it would listen to the proposals of clubs that wanted Ha-sung Kim, his trade rumors continued.

Among them, the trade rumor with the Boston Red Sox was the most convincing. It was because Boston needed a shortstop and San Diego needed to reinforce their starting pitcher.

However, it is known that San Diego intends to appoint Kim Ha-seong as the second baseman as originally planned.

The Athletic said on the 24th (Korean time) in a ‘mailbox’ in the form of answering fans’ questions, that Ha-seong Kim had a 75% chance of wearing a San Diego uniform before the season opener.

The Athletics said, “San Diego is willing to discuss the trade of Kim Ha-sung with other teams. His value could never be higher than he is now. He is worth more at shortstop than at second base.” Jake Cronenworth We can trade Kim Ha-seong by returning the second baseman to the first baseman and recruiting the first baseman.” 온라인바카라

The Athletic said, “However, Ha-seong Kim can provide enough value as a second baseman. Besides, he works hard and is a favorite of teammates and fans.” There’s about a 75% chance of being a Padre,” he concluded. Ha-sung Kim’s trade is virtually non-existent.

However, there is still a possibility that Kim Ha-seong will be traded depending on the situation after the season opens and before the trade deadline.

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