96.8% win rate… ‘Sandboard Monster’ Kim Min-jae wins second straight title

‘Wrestling Monster’ Kim Min-jae (Yeongam-gun Folk Wrestling Team) won his second straight tournament in the taekwondo division 꽁머니지급 of the Dan-o competition, and his eighth consecutive victory.

Kim Min-jae easily defeated Jeong Chang-hyuk (Suwon City Hall) 3-0 in the best-of-five bouts to lift the bull trophy in the Baekdu Jangsa (140 kg and under) at the 2023 Gangneung Dan-o Jangsa Wrestling Competition held at the Gangneung Dan-o Festival in Gangneung, Gangwon Province, on Friday.

It was the sixth Jangsa title of his career (five Baekdu + one Cheonha), as he won his second consecutive tournament, having won eight matches in a row since the Boeun tournament last month. Kim has competed in seven folk wrestling tournaments so far, compiling a personal record of 30-1 (96.8% win rate).

Jung, who reached the final 11 months after winning the Pyeongchang Games last year, was 8 centimeters taller than Kim at 198 centimeters, but it wasn’t enough. In the first game, Kim turned to his right when Chung tried to step over him and easily overpowered Kisun with a back flip. The same pattern was repeated in the second game. In the second game, Chung Chang-jo’s extra step worked a little better, but he was unable to overcome Kim Min-jae’s backstep. In the third game, Kim finished the match with another takedown without giving his opponent a chance to properly execute his technique.

After making waves last year when he was a sophomore at Ulsan National University, winning the top spots in the June Danoo and November Cheonha Jangsa tournaments, Kim entered the folk wrestling scene in earnest this year and dominated the Lunar New Year tournament in January and the Mungyeong tournament in March, establishing himself as the strongest in the backup category. After taking a breather from his first loss to Jang Jang-woo (MG Saekmaekgeum) in the quarterfinals of the Pyeongchang Odaesancheon in April, he reeled off a string of victories and was ready to dominate.

In the first game, Kim picked up Jang Jang-woo, who he had met in the quarterfinals, with a piledriver, dropped him, and pushed him down to break his center. 토토 가입머니 In the second game, Kim was threatened by Jang Jang-woo’s piledriver, but he turned the tide with a sprinkle while being pushed off the sandboard to win. Kim Min-jae now has a 3-1 head-to-head record against Jang Jang-woo, who has nine Baekdu Jangsa and two Cheonha Jangsa.

Meanwhile, the Yeongam County Folk Wrestling Team won two titles in the tournament, with Yoon Pil-jae (Uisung County Office) winning the taebaek class, Choi Jung-man (Yeongam County Folk Wrestling Team) winning the kumite class, and Oh Chang-rok (MG Saemaeul Bank) winning the hala class.

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