Al-Nasr, Ronaldo, “The best player of all time flew”

Saudi Arabia club Al Nasr announced the signing of Ronaldo on the 31st. Al-Nasr officially announced that “the club has completed the contract with Ronaldo”. Al-Nasr also added a modifier, “The World’s Best Athlete”.

Ronaldo has since joined the team and is waiting for his debut match. Al Nasr is focused on his every move.

During the team training on the 11th, Ronaldo was caught making a header. Al Nasr’s official SNS also uploaded a photo of Ronaldo, saying, “GOAT’s Flying.” GOAT stands for The Greatest Of All Time and refers to the greatest player of all time.

Ronaldo ranks somewhere around the fifth on the list of greatest players of all time, but that doesn’t really matter to Al-Nasr. He is only thinking of making Ronaldo feel better, bringing out his best skills and using them for marketing.먹튀검증 스포츠토토

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