‘Amazing’… KT Ko Young-pyo, 13 QS and 9 walks in 103.2 innings

He started 17 games in the first half and recorded 13 quality starts (more than 6 innings and less than 3 earned runs). The number of innings 꽁머니사이트 played is 103.2 innings, which is 6 innings per game. What’s more surprising is that he gave up only nine walks with his sophisticated ball control. This is the story of KT Wiz pitcher Ko Young-pyo (32).

KT Ko Young-pyo started the away game against the Kiwoom Heroes at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 13th and struck out nine in seven innings, pitching without losing a point and scoring his eighth win (5 losses) of the season.

Ko Young-pyo, who met with reporters after the game, smiled, saying, “My team and I were always weak when we came to Gocheok, but I feel good to win like this.”

On this day, he struck out nine, breaking the season’s record (seven). Ko Young-pyo said, “I always want to strike out a lot. But it’s not to the point of greed. “I throw a change-up to induce a ground ball, and when it falls low, the opposing hitters seem to be swinging.”

Until the beginning of the season, Ko Young-pyo only struck out two to three innings even after throwing seven innings. Ko Young-pyo said, “At the beginning of this year, the rate of striking out fell a lot. The ball speed has also dropped. “I was disappointed in those parts, but I’m satisfied that I’ve struck out a lot in recent games,” he said. Ko has pitched 33.2 innings and struck out 30 in the last five games. Ko Young-pyo, who recorded 13 quality starts in 17 games, said, “I’m satisfied with this part, too.”

He was also satisfied with giving up only nine walks this season. “It’s a pleasant record,” he said. I will not give up walks as much as I can in the future. “I think I didn’t give a lot of walks because I threw the ball to the batters to hit it,” he said.

KIA starter Lee Eui-ri is disgraced as the leader in this part with 62 walks in 16 games. Following that, SSG starter Park Jong-hoon gave up 44 walks in 13 games. KT starter Wes Benjamin scored nine wins (3 losses) in 17 games but gave up 31 walks. Among the same starting pitchers, Ko’s record stands out by far. Ko Young-pyo explained, “I originally hate walks and walks, but I think it has decreased a lot due to good control.”

Ko Young-pyo, who had been to the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in Japan ahead of this season, was consistently stable unlike other starting pitchers. He said, “I’ve been in a full-time starting rotation for the past two years, and I’ve been very tired. I paid a lot of attention to that part. I trained well while preparing for WBC. “Then my physical condition came back up,” he said. Ko Young-pyo surpassed 100 innings on the same day and achieved 100 innings in five consecutive seasons. It is the 63rd record in KBO history.

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