Anbangmajim’s intestinal infection…39-year-old man, hit by a ball in the heat of the day, persevered until the end.

Heo Do-hwan (39, LG Twins) showed his determination to finish the game with his catcher’s mask on, despite receiving first aid in the sweltering heat.

Heo started the game against the Doosan Bears in Jamsil on Sunday, batting ninth. This was because Anbang Manim Park Dong-won 먹튀검증 (33) was unable to play due to enteritis. Park took the field after being hit with a ringer, but needed to take care of his condition. LG coach Yeom Gyeom-yeop hoped that Heo Do-hwan would have a good rapport with starter Casey Kelly (34), who replaced Park Dong-won.

The daytime high in Seoul on July 17 was in the high 30s. The game was scheduled to start at 5 p.m., when the heat of the day had cooled down a bit, but the sun didn’t fully set and the sweltering heat continued. Everyone could feel that summer had begun in earnest, which is the worst kind of weather for catchers, who have to sit down and stand up every time they receive a ball while wearing heavy equipment.

Heo Do-hwan, who had been quietly guarding the infield in the sweltering heat, was surprised in the top of the third inning. Yang batted with two outs. Kelly’s pitch bounced in front of home plate, and the bouncing ball struck Heo on the right side of his neck. With a runner on second base, Heo desperately tried to catch the ball in his glove without spilling it, but instead fell forward.

The umpire, the batter, Yang Ji, and the pitcher, Kelly, all rushed over to him in surprise. The umpire turned him over and checked his breathing, while Yang Ji unbuckled his pants belt. Kelly, who was probably the most panicked, watched with concern from the sidelines.

Medical staff quickly rushed to his aid, and he soon regained his breathing and came to his senses. His condition was not serious enough for him to get up on his own. He put his catcher’s mask back on, much to the surprise of Kelly and his teammates, who reassured him. The LG bench could have considered resting Heo, but with Park Dong-won also not feeling well, they couldn’t easily replace him. They had no choice but to trust Heo Do-hwan, who was signaling that he was fine.

He shrugged off the concerns and led off the ninth inning with a catcher’s mask. At the plate, he even produced his first RBI of the season. Trailing 1-3 in the bottom of the fourth, with runners on first and second, he hit a single to the right side of the infield to cut the deficit to 2-3. LG ultimately dropped the game 4-7, ending its five-game winning streak, but Heo’s effort was worthy of recognition.

Heo had only received seven starts this year, including this game. He has been waiting for his chance with the second team since the start of the season and only 메이저사이트 추천 received his first call-up to the first team on the third of this month. This year’s free agent signing, Park Dong-won, has been outstanding, tied for the league lead with 14 home runs, so Heo hasn’t had much of a chance.

Given his age and the team’s situation, this may be the last year for Heo Do-hwan. His two-year free agent contract with LG ends this year. He showed the desperation of a veteran who knows that every at-bat and every game counts.

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