Angered by the interview article, Mia, a C-level FA, volunteered to communicate with fans, but the reaction was…

Kang Ri-ho (33), who crossed the river of no return while having a conflict with his original club Lotte Giants in the process of contracting, expressed strong dissatisfaction with an interview article with a media outlet in Busan. He said he would communicate with his fans through his Instagram live and properly reveal his position, but the fans’ reactions were cold.

Kang Ri-ho said in an interview with a media outlet in Busan on the 2nd, “So far, I have failed to join 10 KBO league teams. I think I have lost my competitiveness in Korea. I want to play in overseas leagues such as Taiwan.”

He also added, “(As a one-point relief) I went down the mound after dealing only with a specific hitter, so I felt like an expendable item and was embarrassed. I applied for free agency because I wanted to try even now, even though I am quite old.”

In the FA rating system, C-class players only receive monetary compensation of 150% of the previous year’s annual salary without compensation, so the burden on the club they recruit is small. C-class Kang Ri-ho earned only 73 million won last year, but has not been called up yet. 안전놀이터

According to KBO Rules, Chapter 17, Article 164, ‘Reacquisition of FA Qualification’, it is stated that a player can reacquire FA qualification if he/she has exercised his/her free agency rights and has been active in the regular season for 4 years from the date of registration as a member of the team. It’s done.

Even if you signed a free agent contract for less than 4 years, the club you belong to has the right to hold for 4 years according to the rules. You cannot play for another club without the consent of your original club. Kang Ri-ho asked Lotte to release the right to reserve FA after the end of the one-year contract, but the club did not accept it.

“I couldn’t accept the offer because I felt like I would be dragged around by the club, such as standing on the mound as a one-pointer for four years,” explained Kang Ri-ho.

Kang Ri-ho, who expressed strong dissatisfaction with the interview article, posted on his Instagram story on the 2nd, “I had an interview while sleeping today, but I really decided to make me a shame. Even after the article, I have been silent until now, but I am currently an independent and there is no club that can control me.”

“I want to express my exact position on my article today through Instagram Live. I think it would be better to express my position with my face and mouth. It was a short time, but no matter what misunderstandings Lotte fans hate me, I will I will forever cherish and love the baseball passion of the Lotte fans and the heart that cheered me on.”

However, the reaction of the fans was cold. The main reason is that they do not properly judge the harsh reality and continue to cause conflict. Lotte said, “Spring camp has already begun. Kang Ri-ho even gained the image of a ‘trouble maker’. He seems to have been driven into a situation where he could neither do this nor that.

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