“As if watching Rashford in the past… I can’t survive this way”… ‘100 million euros’ FW criticism

“It seems like I’m looking at the past Marcus Rashford (Man United)”

Liverpool held the 2022-23 season English Premier League (EPL) at Moline Stadium in Wolverhampton, England at 0:00 am (Korean time) on the 5th. In the 22nd round against Wolverhampton Wanderers, he lost 0-3. Liverpool are in 10th place with 29 points from 8 wins, 5 draws and 7 losses.

Darwin Núñez took a spot in the front three-top and started. Núñez, who played full-time, touched the ball 31 times. He tried 5 shots and connected them with 2 valid shots. Missed 1 critical opportunity. The pass tried 13 times and connected 7 times. I couldn’t score and had to watch the team lose.

Núñez joined Liverpool from Benfica ahead of the season. It was traded for a transfer fee of 75 million euros (approximately 101.3 billion won) and a bonus of 25 million euros (approximately 33.7 billion won). However, Núñez’s performance has not lived up to expectations. Núñez has appeared in 26 official matches, scoring 10 goals and providing 3 assists. His last goal in the EPL was a multi-goal against Southampton in mid-November. Since the restart after the World Cup break, they have not been able to raise a single offensive point in the league. 먹튀검증

Tony Cascarino, from Chelsea, criticized Núñez through British media ‘Talk Sports’ on the 5th. “I think Núñez could probably be a really good striker, but he continues to miss opportunities in one-on-one situations,” he said. “Liverpool had a great striker in Ian Rush. Although the finish was very precise,

“Núñez wants to destroy everything. It’s good when Núñez scores, but he keeps getting blocked by the goalkeeper,” he said. “Finishing is a really difficult skill. Núñez has to learn it. “I saw things change. I remember writing an article about Rashford about four years ago. Núñez reminds me of Rashford in the past, because Rashford was free and was in a position to score, but didn’t score.” did.

Cascarino insisted that Núñez need to survive like Rashford if he is to survive at Liverpool. “If you’re at the best club and you’re not scoring, you’re not going to survive. Rashford has been sharp this season,” he said. claimed.

Rashford, who was sluggish last season with 5 goals and 2 assists in 32 official games, is showing a completely different look this season. He has 19 goals and 8 assists in 32 official matches. In particular, after the World Cup break ended and the season resumed, he recorded 12 goals and 3 assists in 13 games, boasting a great sense of goal.

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