Boston, Brooklyn nemesis certified… 9 consecutive wins in head-to-head matches

The Boston Celtics (hereinafter referred to as Boston) reaffirmed their food chain relationship with the Brooklyn Nets (hereinafter referred to as Brooklyn).

Boston beat Brooklyn by 109-98, 11 points in the regular league game of the 2022-23 NBA season held at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, USA on the morning of the 13th (Korean time). With this, Boston continued its 9-game winning streak against Brooklyn with a record of 31-12. (Brooklyn 27-14)

Jayson Tatum scored 20 points, 11 rebounds and 4 assists, Malcolm Brogdon scored 16 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists, and Marcus Smart played a big role with 16 points, 6 rebounds and 10 assists. In Brooklyn, Kyrie Irving contributed 22 points and 6 assists, Ben Simmons scored 0 points, 9 rebounds, 13 assists and 2 steals, and TJ Warren contributed 20 points.

Both teams played prominently during the first half, with Simmons and Smart playing more prominently than key players Tatum and Irving. The two seemed to be concentrating on saving their teammates’ points. In the meantime, Luke Cornett and White in Boston, and Seth Curry and Warren in Brooklyn piled up the points. Tatum scored 7 points in a row when Simmons-Warren’s fast-breaking attack succeeded in the second half of the quarter, giving Boston a 60-57, 3-point lead.

Boston set the tone with a 3-point shot at the beginning of the 3rd quarter, and Brooklyn with a 3-point shot as well as an attack following the transition. In particular, Irving and Tatum performed well in the attack, leading to a fierce battle. In the section where the bench lineup was mixed, Malcolm Brogdon and Warren’s performance stood out. As a result, Boston finished the third quarter, which was a close game, with Grant Williams leading by 2 points, 84-82, with all free throws.

Boston made an 8-2 score run within 2:30 of the quarter as the bench lineup led by Brogdon dominated the early part of the fourth quarter. Both teams failed to score for two minutes in subsequent attacks. Then, Irving broke the silence with a pull-up jumper and helped Warren’s 3-point shot to narrow the score back to 7 points. In response, Smart attacked Irving and earned a 3-point foul.

In the end, Boston expanded the score to around 10 points with concentration at the end of the game. In particular, Tatum killed Brooklyn with an Andone play two minutes before the end of the game. Boston then beat Brooklyn by 109-98, 11 points. 온라인바카라

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