‘Busan is our home!’…Lotte defeats KIA to ‘stand tall’ atop Summer Race

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The Lotte Giants won the 꽁머니 “Summer Race,” a preliminary event ahead of the All-Star Game in Anbang.

The 2023 KBO All-Star Game will be held at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on Friday. Until around 4 p.m., the weather was grumpy with heavy rain, but fortunately, it is not raining now.

The All-Star Game was preceded by the Summer Race. The Summer Race, the signature event of the All-Star Game, is a team relay competition consisting of six courses: parachute (players), zigzag bridge (kids), tunnel (men), hurdle (mascot), high ground (players), and perfect feature. Each team consisted of two players, one mascot, and three family fans selected by pre-application.

In the midst of the fierce races, Lotte, which calls Busan home, was the winner. Led by Kim Min-seok and Kim Won-joong, Lotte advanced to the semifinals as a runner-up and defeated SSG Landers (Seo Jin-yong and Oh Won-seok).

With momentum on their side, they went on to defeat the LG Twins (Jin-seong Kim, Austin Dean) in the finals.

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