Cho Kyu Sung “I’m going to Europe, too”… Denmark’s stronghold of Mitwillan

Jeonbuk Hyundai in the K League 1 officially announced the transfer of Cho Kyu-sung (photo). On the previous day, Cho Kyu-sung also said goodbye after the 21st round of the weekend.

Jeonbuk said on the club’s Instagram 오래된토토사이트 on the 9th, “Cho Kyu-sung will finish his trip with Jeonbuk Hyundai.” He added, “I hope you will walk your own path as you do now wherever you are.”

As the negotiations have not yet been completed, the club and Cho Kyu-sung are saving their words about their destination. However, it is likely to head to Mitwillan, Denmark, with the transfer process almost completed. Cho Kyu-sung left for Denmark on the same day to sign a contract with Mitwillan. Jeonbuk also admitted earlier that it had received an offer from Mitwillan.

The 21st round of the K League 1 at Jeonju World Cup Stadium the previous day became his farewell match. Cho Kyu-sung, who scored the first goal three minutes into the second half as a substitute and led Jeonbuk to a 2-1 victory, stood in front of fans after a long time after the match. “It was a source of pride and confidence that I was a Jeonbuk Hyundai player,” he said. “If you cheer for me, I will show you a good performance anywhere,” he said goodbye.

Initially, the English Premier League team also showed interest in Cho Kyu-sung, but Cho Kyu-sung reportedly chose the Danish league. Cho Kyu-sung’s agent, Yoon Ki-young, CEO of Info Korea, said, “In the first place, English Championship (part 2) clubs were better than Meatwillan, and the player also did not like Meatwillan at first, but Park Ji-sung persuaded Cho Kyu-sung to advance the transfer negotiations.”

Coach Dan Petrescu, who recently took the helm of Jeonbuk, expressed great regret. He said, “I’m not happy. That’s how difficult it is to find a replacement. Cho Kyu-sung is one of South Korea’s top players. It is his dream to play in Europe, so the club can’t help it. It’s not a good thing for me, but it’s a good thing for him.”

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