Controversy over bullying… Court, compulsory adjustment of Kim Bo-reum and Noh Seon-yeong

The Appellate Tribunal decided to forcefully adjust Kim Bo-reum and Noh Seon-young, who are in a court battle over the controversy over ‘bullying driving’ that occurred in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics speed skating competition. According to the legal community, on the 11th, the 13th Civil Division of the Seoul High Court (Chief Judge Kang Min-gu, Jung Moon-kyung, and Lee Jun-hyun) held an appeal hearing for compensation for damages filed by Kim Bo-reum against Roh Seon-young and made a decision to replace the mediation (forced mediation). Compulsory mediation is a procedure in which a court resolves a dispute by setting conditions for reconciliation between the parties without adjudicated in a civil lawsuit.

The presiding judge, Deputy Judge Kang Min-gu, called both sides to his judge’s office that day and recommended mediation. Attending this event were Kim Bo-reum and his two agents, Noh Seon-young and Noh Seon-yeong’s mother, and agents. Judge Kang Min-goo has been working hard to narrow the emotional gap between the two sides. He strongly recommended reconciliation even in the defense held in December last year. Unfortunately, no agreement was reached. The parties may raise objections within two weeks to the court mediation proposal. If there is no objection, compulsory mediation has the same effect as a final judgment.

Kim Bo-reum and Roh Seon-yeong participated in the quarterfinals of the women’s team pursuit speed skating together with Park Ji-woo at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. Team Pursuit is an event in which teams of three compete in a race, and the ranking is determined by the record of the last athlete to cross the finish line. Not only did Korea fail to advance to the semifinals, but Seon-Young Roh alone fell far behind, showing a broken teamwork. At the time, Roh Seon-young claimed in an interview that “only Kim Bo-reum received special treatment, such as training separately,” and the controversy over bullying increased.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism concluded that there was no ‘deliberate bullying’ through an audit. However, the conflict between the two sides continued. In January 2019, Kim Bo-reum faced a new phase when she revealed through a media outlet that “I have been abusive and harassed by Roh Seon-young since 2010.” In November 2020, he also filed a lawsuit against Roh Seon-young demanding damages of 200 million won. The first trial court raised Kim Bo-reum’s hand. Noh Seon-young ruled that Kim Bo-reum should pay 3 million won in alimony. Roh Seon-young disobeyed and appealed. 온라인카지노

Photo = Newsis/ At the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, the women’s speed skating team consisting of Kim Bo-reum, Roh Seon-young and Park Ji-woo takes a breath after finishing the team pursuit.

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