Controversy within the club over the return of the ‘problem child’ → The party hinted at a return on social media

There was even an argument among club staff. However, Mason Greenwood (22, Manchester United) implied a return.

The British ‘Mirror’ announced on the 6th (Korean time) that “Manchester United and sponsor Nike have reappeared on Mason Greenwood’s social media account profile.”

On the 3rd, Manchester United released a statement on Greenwood’s situation on the club’s official website, saying, “The club informs the Prosecutor’s Office that all charges against Mason Greenwood have been dropped.” Greenwood was investigated by the police for sexually assaulting his girlfriend in February last year, but after a year or so, all charges were dropped and he remained in the United first team. 바카라

It seems that there was a debate inside the club over Greenwood’s rejoining. On the 4th, the British ‘Guardian’ said, “Man United employees were divided into two groups over whether or not to return to Greenwood, and a significant number of employees opposed his return.” As a result, many media outlets, including Britain’s The Sun, predicted that Manchester United and Greenwood would go their separate ways.

Despite this situation, Greenwood hinted at his return to the club. Greenwood recently overhauled his social media accounts, tagging Manchester United and sponsor Nike Football accounts in his profile. Mirror interpreted this as an action that meant returning to the club.

Greenwood, from Manchester United Youth, debuted in the United first team in 2018 and played 129 games, scoring 35 goals and scoring 12 assists.

Let’s see if Greenwood can play as a member of United again despite the club’s turbulent atmosphere.

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