‘Delight’ Yoo Hwan-joong, who was active against DK “If I do well, I will be a candidate for Gen.G’s championship”

Gen.G eSports (hereafter referred to as Gen.G) supporter Yu “Delight” Hwanjoong, who won 4 consecutive victories against DK, revealed his good memories from the match and his determination for the future.

Gen.G defeated DK with a set score of 2-0 in the 2nd match on the 1st day of the 3rd week of the ‘2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK)’ Spring Split held on the 1st at LoL Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Yu Hwan-joong, who commented on the victory, said, “Today’s game was as important as the last Hanwha Life Esports match, but I was happy to win cleanly 2-0.” Talking with the coaching staff and players, we prepared the most necessary parts. In particular, I chose to avoid the Lucian-Nami combination, which DK uses well, as much as possible.”

Regarding the reason why it was not easy in the beginning of the first set, he explained, “I couldn’t find a home time, and then I allowed an attack by the opponent’s intervention and a difficult time began. “At the time, I only played the game so hecticly, so my memory is fuzzy, but at the point of eating Baron, I thought that our team had a chance to win to some extent,” he added.

Regarding the second set, “It was comfortable because the bottom line grew well while the opponent saw a lot of benefits in the process of swapping to the top. LeBlanc was a bit slow, but the team members talked and covered each other and solved it well.” After looking back, about the raid situation that overturned the crisis of the messenger fight, “In the process of moving to the center after Xante died, the opponents were separated. Confirming this and opening the engagement led to good results.”

Yoo Hwan-joong, who gave ‘6 out of 10’ for his play against DK, explained the reason as “I remember a lot of mistakes during the 1st set line match”, and said that his partner ‘Face’ ’ Regarding the sum with Kim Soo-hwan, he introduced, “I thought the composition of Jerry-Lulu vs. Sivir-Yumi was one point apart, so we played while communicating a lot during the laning match.” 토토사이트

On the other hand, with determination for the next game, Liv Sandbox, “Recently, Liv Sandbox is showing a good figure, and it seems to show a strong pushing style like last season. I will also prepare well with Kim Soo-hwan and contribute to the victory,” said Yu Hwan-joong, who raised his voice, saying, “If I do well, I will do my best to help my teammates as I think Gen.G is a suitable team for the championship.” promised

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