Demand two first-round picks in exchange for Caruso… GSW Respond?

Chicago is demanding a fairly high price. I wonder if there will be a team that responds to this.

Yahoo Sports reported on the 28th (Korean time) about Alex Caruso of the Chicago Bulls. He is a guard with good defense and solid fundamentals. In fact, in the NBA, it is a resource that can stop most players except for tall centers. In the last playoffs, it boasts outstanding defensive power enough to match up with Milwaukee Bucks Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Although Caruso boasts such a solid defense, he is only averaging 5.5 points while being guaranteed a long playing time of 24.6 minutes per game in 42 games this season. He is a decent shooter with a 3-point shooting success rate of up to 38%, but basically has a weak offensive tendency. He doesn’t have many shot attempts. His attack power can also be seen as a weakness.

Chicago is 22-26 this season and is ranked 12th in the East as one of the most disappointing teams out of the 30 teams. The trio with high names such as Jack Rabin, Nicola Vucevic, and Derma DeRozan, as well as bench players such as Altoran, are lined up, but it is evaluated that the season was hampered by Lonzo Ball’s injury. This is a team that is likely to reshuffle their roster ahead of the trade deadline.

As a result, there is a lot of interest in Alex Caruso, who has a relatively small annual salary among Chicago players and is evaluated as a resource that can be useful to the winning team. Among them, last season’s champion Golden State Warriors had a past where manager Steve Kerr openly sent a love call after the game, saying, “It would be great if you came to our team.” Rumor has it that not only coach Kerr, but also the management believes that Caruso’s defense will be a great help to the team.

But Chicago is asking for an unexpected price. Two 1st round nomination rights are more than enough to recruit a tolerable starting resource. Although there are many games where he has played as a starter due to team circumstances this season, it may be an excessive investment for a player who will play a backup role in a winning team. 안전놀이터

Golden State’s first-round pick may not be worth much. This is because the order of nominations is in reverse order of ranking. However, Golden State is a team that strictly protects internal nomination rights. Numerous Winnow trade possibilities have been raised in the past, but they have exhausted their own draft picks and infused new players. And there are almost no nomination rights received from other teams. In other words, because of the demand from the Bulls, Golden State’s chances of trading Caruso are significantly reduced.

Will Golden State invest two first-round picks to bring Caruso? It is evaluated that it will not be easy to make a trade unless Chicago lowers its requirements.

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