Denver secures Thomas Bryant… fill inside

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnalowski, Denver is trading with the Los Angeles Lakers for Thomas Bryant (center-forward, 208cm, 112kg).

Instead of sending Bryant, the Lakers decided to receive Daven Reed (guard, 196cm, 93kg) from Denver and three future second-round picks. # Trade Overview Nuggets get Thomas Bryant Lakers get Daven Reed, three 2nd round picks Why the Nuggets? Denver has been lacking a backup center this season. Jamaikal Green (Golden State) transferred, and Mason Plumlee (Clippers), who was in charge of the goal until last season, left the team. They brought in Daven Reed and DeAndre Jordan last summer, but they didn’t do much. Therefore, securing a backup center was the key. However, Denver accepted the Lakers offer. Because Bryant requested a trade. The addition of Bryant, who could contribute in offense, eased the burden on Nikola Jokic. The defense may be disappointing, but Aaron Gordon is in the line, so the gap is not expected to be large. Together with Michael Porter Jr. and Jeff Green, the frontcourt was formed in a variety of configurations.

Bryant has played for the Lakers this season. He appeared in 41 games, starting 25 of them. When Anthony Davis, the main gun, was out due to injury, he did his part by taking over as the starting pitcher. He averaged 12.1 points (.654 .440 .741) and 6.8 rebounds in 21.4 minutes per game. He has the most rebounds per game since entering the NBA.

As he came in, Denver’s bottom of the goal became much tighter. However, it is not expected that it will be easy to play a lot in Denver because of Jokic. It is expected to secure a playing time of about 15 minutes. However, Denver is evaluated as a favorite for the championship, running at the top of the Western Conference so far this season. Bryant seized the chance to get his first championship ring. Why Lakers? The Lakers failed to maintain a more dense power. Davis has come back from injury, and two trades have added to his youth and power. However, Bryant’s trade demands were not avoided. After Davis returned, Bryant’s playing time was reduced compared to before, and the Lakers dropped Hachimura, not Bryant, as their starting pitcher by bringing in Rui Hachimura. With Bryant, we could have built a much tighter force, but that didn’t quell our dissatisfaction. The Lakers went straight to the trade and secured the lead and the pick. Reed played for Denver this season as well as last season. He averaged 9 minutes in 35 games, averaging 2.3 points (.313 .364 .750) and 1.6 rebounds. He re-signed in the offseason and is contracted through the upcoming 2023-2024 season. 메이저놀이터

He entered the NBA through the 2017 draft. He was called up by the Phoenix Suns in the second round with the second pick. After being released after one season, he joined the Indiana Pacers on a two-way deal. He later looked for a chance at the Miami Heat, but didn’t survive, and had a relationship with Denver from last season. He was released on contract, but also signed a 10-day contract during the season.

The inside, which was weakened by Bryant’s trade, was strengthened by an additional trade. Mo Bamba was picked up from the Orlando Magic through the medium of Patrick Beverly, who might not be easy to get along with after this season. In addition to the existing one-two punch, Hachimura, Jared Vanderbilt, Troy Brown Jr., and Bambaro are expected to pack a wide frontcourt.

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