“Der Licht’s job is in serious jeopardy!”…伊’s praise for “KIM forcing his rival to the bench”

Italy praised Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich).

Kim Min-jae was the best defender in Italy’s Serie A last season. He played his best since his debut season and led his team Napoli to the championship for the first time in 33 years. Kim Min-jae was selected as the best defender in Italy, the country of defense. And based on his performance in Naples, he was also listed in the final 30 candidates for the Ballon d’Or.

Kim Min-jae, who spent his glory days in Naples, moved to Germany’s strongest Bayern Munich ahead of this season. The transfer fee was 50 million euros (71.2 billion won).

As soon as Kim Min-jae entered Bayern Munich, he showed a similar appearance to Napoli. He dominated the starting position of his debut season. Kim Min-jae started all of Bayern Munich’s third round of the German Bundesliga, helping his team win three consecutive games. Kim Minjae’s partner is everything It was Upamecano.

The one who suffered the most from Kim Min-jae’s status was the existing main center back Matthijs de Ligt. He was a former Ajax player and is considered one of the world’s best center backs and a defender representing Bayern Munich, but he couldn’t help it in front of Kim Min-jae. I was pushed to the bench.

In response to this situation, Italy’s “Calciostyle” said, “Kim Min-jae forced De Ligt to leave the bench.” Kim Min-jae’s presence is putting De Ligt’s job at serious risk. This happened as soon as Kim Min-jae arrived in Bayern Munich. Kim Min-jae is adapting perfectly as he did in Naples,” .안전놀이터

“It cost Bayern Munich 50 million euros to recruit Kim Min-jae, and Kim Min-jae was immediately in charge of Bayern Munich’s defense. Kim Min-jae, who is clean, confident and can prevent confusion at important moments, fully understood Bayern Munich’s mechanism,” he added.

Finally, the media said, “Bahren Munich coach Thomas Tuchel is also enthusiastic about Kim Min-jae. Tuchel did not forget the sweet words to Kim Min-jae. Bayern Munich’s main centre-back has become clear. De Ligt can no longer play as a main player,” he stressed.

Pointing out that De Ligt’s job is in jeopardy. In fact, German media have begun to predict that coach Tuchel can turn De Ligt, who has lost his place at the center back, into a defensive midfielder.

De Ligt in crisis played in the Euro 2024 qualifying round against Ireland as a member of the Dutch national team on the 11th. De Ligt played full 90 minutes for the first time since the start of this season. The Netherlands won 2-1. After the match, De Ligt said he was not worried about the current situation and was calmly waiting for a chance to return to the starting lineup.

He said, “Me, Kim Min-jae, and Upamecano are all monsters. Kim Min-jae was the best defender in Serie A last season. Upamecano is a player who played for the French national team. Competition is fierce. I really like this competition. Interestingly, it will be a competition. “There are a lot of important games coming up for Bayern Munich, and I’m happy to play 90 minutes in this game.”

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