Diple Kia, LCK CL’s first loss of the season

Diple Kia lost 1-2 to KT Rolster in the 4th week of the 2023 ‘LCK Challengers League (LCK CL)’ spring season held at WDG eSports Studio in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 6th. Those who had won all 6 matches before allowed a match loss for the first time in the season and became 6 wins and 1 loss (+8). In the leaderboard, he kept his leading position, but only set one point difference from KT (6 wins, 1 loss +7).

Diple Kia skillfully took the opponent’s top dive at the beginning of the first set and broke the game and took the lead. It continued a good flow until the middle of the second set, but it was distorted in the second half and allowed a tie in the set score. Then, in the last set, he was completely defeated in the object control fight and knelt down.

KT succeeded in winning 3 consecutive wins in the 2nd division league and jumped to the leading competition right away. They gave up the Nexus once to DRX after three consecutive victories, but later gained momentum again by catching Hanwha Life Insurance and T1. The secret to the good results is that the trio of liners, consisting of Cho “Castle” Hyeon-seong, “Facey” Jung-hoon and Byun “Hype” Jeong-hyeon, are performing well. 안전놀이터

Meanwhile, Hanwha Life Insurance defeated T1 2-0 and Nongshim Red Force defeated Kwangdong Freecs 2-0. Hanwha Life Insurance ranked 3rd with 5 wins and 2 losses (+7), and Nongshim ranked 4th with 4 wins and 3 losses (+5). T1 (4 wins, 3 losses +1) ranked 5th, and Guangdong (2 wins, 5 losses -5) ranked 8th.

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