Duke University’s women’s basketball team coach Rage “Uses men’s official ball… That can’t happen in men’s basketball.”

The coach of the Duke University women’s basketball team was furious.

Duke University head coach Kara Lawson said in an interview with Yahoo Sports on the 4th (Korean time), “In a recent game against Florida State University, the men’s basketball official ball was used. If it were men’s basketball, this would never have happened,” she raged.

According to Lawson, in a game against Florida State University held on January 30, Duke University players complained of discomfort, saying that the ball was abnormally large in the first half of the game. When he appealed to the referees, the ball was replaced with the women’s basketball official ball from the third quarter, and only then did the players play normally.

Duke University suffered a 57-70 defeat in the game that day, and suffered its third loss (19 wins) of the ACC season. 안전놀이터

It is a situation that has no choice but to point out the insufficient preparation of the match management team and the late follow-up after discovering it.

Director Lawson said, “I will make sure. Florida State beat us. They used the men’s official ball in the first half and the women’s official ball in the second half to defeat us. I cannot say that we would have won if we had used the women’s official ball in both halves. But the same goes for Florida State University.”

Duke University recorded a field goal rate of 20.5% in the first half when the men’s official ball was used, and a field goal rate of 31.5% in the second half when the women’s official ball was used. Florida State University did the same. The field goal rate was 30% in the first half, and the field goal rate was 41.9% in the second half.

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