‘Elizabeth 22 points’ KGC Ginseng Corporation beats IBK Industrial Bank for 2 consecutive wins

Women’s professional volleyball KGC Ginseng Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Ginseng Corporation) regained its strength in the mid-ranking competition. Ginseng Corporation won the 2022-23 Dodram V-League IBK Industrial Bank (hereinafter referred to as Industrial Bank of Korea) home game held at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on the 22nd with a set score of 3-0 (25-23 25-16 25-23).

Ginseng Corporation ran with two victories in a row with the victory that day. Although it failed to raise the rankings and remained in 5th place, it scored 10 wins, 13 losses and 32 points, and was tied with Korea Expressway Corporation (11 wins, 11 losses) in 4th place.

The gap with 3rd place GS Caltex (11 wins, 11 losses, 33 points) was also narrowed. On the other hand, IBK Industrial Bank failed to obtain wins and points, remaining in 6th place with 8 wins, 15 losses and 25 points. 먹튀검증

Ginseng Corp. took the lead in the firepower showdown. Ginseng Corporation did its part, with ‘Jupo’ Elisabeth (Hungary) scoring the most with 22 points. Middle blocker Park Eun-jin scored 9 points, including 6 blocks, and Lee So-young added 8 points.

The veteran Hansong-i, who came out as a replacement for 1-3 sets, also played an active role with 5 points, including two interceptions. Industrial Bank of Korea posted 17 and 12 points respectively, Santana (Puerto Rico) and Pyo Seung-ju, but failed to prevent their team from losing.

Ginseng Corporation overturned the first set that was being dragged and overpowered it. IBK took the lead 21-19 thanks to Yuk Seo-yeong’s attack, but Ginseng Corporation worked as a ‘fixer’ for Elisabeth.

He succeeded in an open attack followed by a serve ace to balance the score at 21-21. Afterwards, Lee So-young caught Yuk Seo-young’s attempt by blocking, and Ginseng Corporation turned around 22-21.

On the next rally, Elisabeth served again and ran away 23-21. IBK caught up again 23-24 with Pyo Seung-ju’s quick open, but Ginseng Corporation took the set with Elisabeth succeeding in a rearguard attack.

Ginseng Corporation won the second set relatively easily. Elisabeth and Lee So-young were evenly active, blocking at every turn, scoring consecutively in the middle and late stages of the set and running away.

The third set was fought again. This time, IBK followed suit. After the 19-23 situation, IBK followed up to 23-24 with Santana and Yuk Seo-young at the fore.

But this time, Elizabeth came out as a solution. He succeeded in an open attack that put an end to the game that day.

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