Explosion after trade, deteriorating mental health… All-Star Gopo Aiming for Resurrection after Losing 9kg

All-Star outfielder Austin Meadows (28, Detroit Tigers) is aiming for a revival in the new season. He lost 9 kg in weight after escaping from deteriorating mental health, which was the reason for last season’s outing.

The US’ Detroit Free Press reported on the 13th (Korean time) the current situation of Meadows, which is preparing for the new season. Meadows said, “Mentally and physically I am in the condition I want to be. He’s been with his daughter in the offseason and he’s feeling much better both mentally and physically. Everything is going in the right direction,” he said.

Last year was a nightmare for Meadows. Meadows, who came to Detroit from the Tampa Bay Rays after being traded for infielder Isaac Paredis ahead of the season opening in April, had a career-low season with a batting average of .25 (32 hits in 128 at-bats), no homers, 11 RBIs, and an OPS of .675 in 36 games. 온라인바카라

He was placed on the injured list in May with vertigo and confirmed with Corona 19 in June, and in July injured his Achilles tendon while playing rehab at Triple A. In August, he again played four games at Triple-A, but suddenly disappeared. He said it was a mental health problem, not a physical injury.

Meadows posted on social media in early September of last year, “I am struggling with mental health issues. He is not ready to return to the field yet,” he confessed. Detroit coach AJ Hinch also said, “As an athlete, it is not easy to admit problems outside of baseball, but I want to praise him. We will do all we can to support Meadows.”

Meadows, who ended the season so early, is ready to hit the ground again. He lost 200 pounds (about 9 kg) in the offseason while moving with a dedicated treatment team. He said, “I gained weight at the end of the season last year while not playing. It’s not easy to lose weight by losing fat and gaining muscle, but he tried to do it,” he said.

Meadows, who is building his body at his best weight of 225-230 pounds (about 102-104 km), said, “I can be an All-Star again. He was confident of his resurrection, saying, “If I stay healthy while taking care of myself on and off the pitch, good things will happen.”

Left-handed outfielder Meadows, who was nominated by the Pittsburgh Pirates with the 9th overall pick in the first round of the 2013 draft, made his major league debut in May 2018, and traded to Tampa Bay along with pitcher Tyler Glasnow in exchange for pitcher Chris Archer two months later. done.

In 2019, he established himself as a full-time starter in Tampa Bay and played an active role in 138 games with a batting average of 209 1, 154 hits, 33 homers, 89 RBIs, and an OPS of .922. He was voted an American League All-Star and finished 14th in MVP voting. In 2021, his batting average dropped to 2.34 in 142 games, but he showed slugging power with 27 homers and 106 RBIs. It remains to be seen whether Meadows, free from mental health problems, will be able to return to his All-Star days.

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