Fearless Lee Jung-hyo, poised to become a master

If you had to pick one coach in the K League 1 this year that you’re most excited to see, it would be Lee Jung-hyo of Gwangju FC. 스포츠토토 That’s because of the venomous tenacity, intense passion, and fearlessness that the first-year coach exudes toward goals (not wins).

Gwangju is 8th out of 12 teams. It has five wins, three draws, and seven losses, scoring 17 goals and conceding 18. Gwangju dominated Suwon FC in their last match away to Suwon on April 28. Home or away, Gwangju is always a challenge and this was no different. 20 shots, 14 of which were on target. Gwangju won 2-0 with two goals midway through the second half. The seven-match winless streak (three draws and four losses) came to an end.

Even during the long winless streak, Lee refused to compromise with reality. Even in the face of numerous “advice” – adjust the tempo because the opponent is strong, sit back and defend sometimes because you’re low on energy, distinguish between games to rest and games to win, change the style of away and home games – Lee insisted on “my way. When the goals didn’t come, of course he blamed the players, but ultimately he put all the blame on himself. “It’s all my fault. I’m the coach, I have to find a way tactically.” It’s the manager’s job to lead them to score more goals and climb a little higher.

It may seem reckless, but he’s a proponent of position-agnostic attacking soccer. There is only one reason for this: player development. “You can’t develop players by playing defensive soccer,” he says, “They work harder and more spontaneously when you play offense.” Regardless of the sport, players generally prefer to play aggressively. Few players find it fun to chase down the opponent’s play from behind. That’s why Lee says, “Gwangju soccer should be fun.”

A coach who gives credit to his players and blame to himself will continue to grow. If you put the blame on yourself, then all the blame is on you, but such a coach will review his mistakes, continue to study, and try to find new breakthroughs. Even if they don’t succeed, they try again. If you don’t give up, you will continue to accumulate know-how and insights, and eventually become a master. On the other hand, a leader who blames others, the environment, the referee, the ground, the time difference, or even the crowd for every moment will never be successful. How can you be a master if you don’t look at yourself and blame external factors that you can’t control?

This coach wants a team that “looks forward to tomorrow”. The leader that every fan wants is also a leader who looks forward to tomorrow. Coach Lee has the ‘attitude’ to become a master. If he doesn’t give up and keeps trying like he is now, he will become a master at some point.

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