Former Cy Young kicked out of the Dodgers… A new start with only 900 million won? “All we need is one team”

In the end, Trevor Bauer (33) was kicked out. The Los Angeles Dodgers announced the transfer of Bauer on the 7th (hereinafter Korean time). He will wait for claims from 29 clubs for one week. If there are no claims, the contract is transferred or released to a minor league club affiliated with the Dodgers. The Dodgers plan to release Bauer as it is if no team wants him.

Bauer is accused of assaulting a woman with whom he had sex in June 2021. The MLB secretariat prevented Bauer from playing games through administrative leave, but when the LA Prosecutor’s Office issued a decision not to prosecute, he was suspended for 324 games. Afterwards, Bauer’s appeal was accepted and the 194-game suspension was finally confirmed at the end of last month.

As a result, the Los Angeles Dodgers boldly chose to release Bauer this season when he was in a situation where he had to pay his salary. If he digests a 50-game suspension at the same time as the season opener, he can be sent to the remaining 112 games, but he boldly shook his hands. His three-year, $103 million contract ended in misery.

The reason why the Dodgers cut off Bauer should be considered considering the fact that Bauer showed no sign of remorse at all after this incident, and that there were many cases in which he had a bad influence on team chemistry by doing all sorts of eccentricities in the past. Also, it does not fit the trend of taking the lead in reducing payroll in preparation for the recruitment of Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) one year later this winter.

메이저사이트 The question now is whether there will be a team that will recruit Bauer for a week. ESPN said, “It’s unlikely, but not impossible.” A team that takes Bauer can recruit him for at least $720,000 (about 900 million won). In fact, if Bauer wants to extend his active duty, he must accept a drastic salary cut.

According to ESPN’s coverage, general managers and agents had mixed opinions. General manager Han said, “I don’t expect anyone to sign him.” One agent also said, “No one will approach the player.” It’s a ‘forced retirement’ crisis.

However, another agent said, “At least there will be a team that will be interested.” There may be a club that can’t resist the temptation to take former Cy Young at a cheap price. Starting pitchers are in high demand every year. Bauer has a lot of four-dimensional temperament, but if you look at Twitter, you can see him constantly throwing a ball and doing weight training.

After taking a year and a half off after June 29, 2021, his shoulders and arms may have recovered from fatigue. In reality, it would be difficult for him to sign a contract for $720,000, but he could sign a cheap one-year contract and release it after one year if it doesn’t work out. General manager Han told ESPN, “(For Bauer to continue his active career), he only needs one team.”

Bauer claimed in his statement that the Dodgers had agreed to join him, but he suddenly reversed his words. He has never said anything about retiring.

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