Former Man Utd coach on Ronaldo ‘out of contract→to Saudi Arabia’…”He’s not at the level of his peers!”

Former Manchester United chief coach has spoken about Cristiano Ronaldo, who was released after causing noise at Manchester United.

Former Manchester United chief coach Mike Phelan explained why Ronaldo left Manchester United in an interview with Britain’s “Sky Sports” on the 12th (Korea Standard Time). “When Ronaldo returned to Manchester United for the second time, he was much older, more opinionated and persistent. We still had very high standards and it was great working together.” He then explained why Ronaldo left Manchester United, saying, “He wanted to raise the level of other teammates.”

“Superstar” Ronaldo, who returned to his former team Manchester United in about 12 years in 2021, played in 30 league games in his first season of return and scored 18 goals and 3 assists, showing perfect performance. Many Manchester United fans welcomed Ronaldo with praise for his fantastic performance that overshadowed his mid-30s.바카라사이트

However, various noises began to occur ahead of the 2022-23 season, the very next season. Ronaldo began to be criticized by many fans by showing insincere appearances such as not attending the preseason and joining the team late, and to make matters worse, he did not seem to help the team at all. He also shocked Manchester United by interviewing them directly ahead of the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup. For this reason, Manchester United eventually decided to terminate Ronaldo’s contract.

The club that reached out to Ronaldo, who is invincible, was Al Nasr of Saudi Arabia. Al-Nasr said on the club’s SNS on December 31 (Korea Standard Time), “A historic thing has happened.” Ronaldo came to our team. Ronaldo’s transfer will lead Al-Nas to success and will be a great inspiration to the Saudi Arabian League and even future youth,” he said in an official statement. Also, Fabricio Romano, a reporter familiar with the transfer market, said, “The contract is until 2025. The annual salary will be 200 million euros (about 268.3 billion won), which includes other commercial amounts, he said.

Several legends expressed regret for Ronaldo, who left after causing noise from his former team. Antonio Valencia, who played for Manchester United from 2009 to 2019, appeared on a British TV program and said, “It’s very unfortunate that Ronaldo and Manchester United left like that. A player like him should leave to the enthusiastic applause of the fans who filled the stadium. Fans loved him,” he said, expressing regret.

Former Manchester United chief coach Phelan also said in response. He said: “I liked him because I didn’t want him to lose his level. He wanted to raise the standard of others. But sometimes those things can lead to the loss of some people,” he said.

He then said, “When you work with the best people, it’s about how far they can go and how far they can achieve it. They want to say that past events have been successful. I’m not sure because I’ve never had such a conversation with Ronaldo, but he would have realized he couldn’t achieve it at Manchester United and for that reason his challenge would have taken place elsewhere,” he said.

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