Former soccer coach Lim Jong-heon detained for ‘alleged payoffs to join professional soccer’

Lim Jong-heon (57), former professional soccer coach, was arrested. He is accused of giving back money in exchange for signing players to a 메이저놀이터 Thai professional soccer team he coached. 

On the 11th, Lee Min-soo, chief judge in charge of warrants at the Seoul Central District Court, conducted a pre-arrest interrogation (examination of warrant substance) for Lim, former professional football second division manager of Ansan Greeners FC, who is accused of breach of trust and fraud, and said, “The evidence destruction I have concerns,” he said, and issued an arrest warrant.

Former manager Lim is accused of receiving 40 million won from Mr. Choi in exchange for a request for two players to join an overseas club while coaching Pattaya United FC, a Thai professional football club in 2018-2019. He is also accused of receiving 60 million won from one player by tricking him into joining the pro team.

Arrest warrants for Shin (64), a former college football coach and player broker Choi (36), who were arrested in the same court as Lim, were dismissed. The two are charged with bribery and breach of trust, respectively.

Chief Judge Lee cited the fact that former director Shin acknowledged basic facts, such as receiving money, and that Mr. Choi also admitted to committing some crimes, such as fraud, as reasons for dismissing the arrest warrant. 

Former coach Shin is accused of accepting 60 million won from Mr. Choi in exchange for asking for three players to join a professional club between 2017 and 2018. 

It was found that Choi gave 20 million won to other professional club coaches other than Lim and Shin in exchange for a request to sign a player, and 7 million won to another university coach in exchange for a request to sign a player. He was also accused of receiving 20 million won by deceiving a player by saying that he would join a professional club.

Prosecutors seized and searched Im’s office and residence on the 19th of last month after finding out the circumstances of the transfer of money and goods related to joining Choi while investigating other criminal cases. After securing related data through this, they requested arrest warrants for three people, including former director Lim, on the 6th

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