Hanwha in 8th place, Samsung in 9th place, and Kiwoom in 10th place have passed the 5th round? Not when you throw a towel, but…

Is it a cruel summer or a difficult fall for Hanwha, Samsung, and Kiwoom?

As the intense KBO league ranking battle begins to head toward the end of the season, the atmosphere is gradually separating the classes. In 메이저사이트 the top tier, there is a possibility that the second round will be reorganized due to LG’s lead and KT’s great leap forward in 3rd place. And KT, 4th and 5th place NC, and Doosan each increased by one game. 5th place Doosan and 6th place KIA are only 1.5 games apart.

7th place Lotte was 2.5 games behind KIA and 4 games behind Doosan. It’s still a long way to go. The 3 home games against KIA starting on the 11th are extremely important. If you stick to Doosan and KIA here, you can prepare the power to fight for the top 5 even after mid-August.

The problem is Hanwha in 8th place, Samsung in 9th place, and Kiwoom in 10th place, which were pushed back by more than 4 games even in 7th place Lotte. Based on 5th place Doosan, they were 8 games, 9.5 games, and 10 games behind, respectively. Even with about two months left in the regular season, overturning this gap is not an easy task.

Not the time for these teams to throw in the towel. If you look at the recent game management, they try to win even one more game and never do loose management. Samsung plans to welcome Taylor Widener, who will not be able to use it if he goes to the postseason, as a new foreign pitcher. It is preparation to go up even one more step on the leaderboard until the end.

However, these teams also have a reason for being in the lower ranks. First of all, Hanwha’s dependence on Noh Si-hwan and Chae Eun-seong is increasing as time goes by. Originally, the lower batting line is weak, but in the second half, the upper batting line can not solve the clue.

Based on the baseball statistics site Statties, Hanwha’s team batting average in the second half was the lowest at 0.227, and the team’s OPS was 0.665, 8th. Kiwoom also has concerns about other lines. The weak bat has not been resolved for several years. In the second half, the team batting average was 7th with 0.248, and the team OPS was 0.646, the lowest.

However, Kiwoom’s mound is also shaking. The starting lineup, which was a strong point, has recently cracked, and the bullpen has been dismantled. The team’s ERA in the second half is 5.72, which is the lowest in the league. He ranked ninth with a starting ERA of 5.32 and the lowest with a bullpen ERA of 6.24. Neither the clear starter nor the established victory formula have virtually collapsed.

Samsung is a bit different. The batting average of the team in the second half is 0.320, overwhelmingly leading the league. However, the team’s ERA in the second half was 5.05, ranking 8th. The bullpen is also a concern. The starting average ERA in the second half is 4.62, which is 7th. However, the bullpen ERA was 5.61, ranking 8th.

The three teams will squeeze out hopes for the quarterfinals until the end. However, at some point the power seems more likely to drop. Anyway, we are going to the end of the season, and if these teams do not win for a long time, it will not be easy to reach the final 5.

Still, if you can keep the 40% win rate, you can play the role of red pepper powder while giving tension to the mid- and high-ranking teams until the end of the season. Until the 10th, Hanwha had an odds of 0.427, Samsung had an odds of 0.417, and Kiwoom had an odds of 0.416. Compared to previous years, the winning rates of the lower-tier teams are decent. That means that this season is a season in which the KBO league has leveled its power.

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