“He is still a legend.” Fyodor, the ‘Martial Arts Emperor’, lost by TKO in the first round of retirement.

Fyodor Emelianenko’s retirement stage was not long. It was 2 minutes and 30 seconds. But he was still a legend and the emperor of Russian martial arts.

The 46-year-old Fyodor was hit with a hammer punch by heavyweight champion Ryan Bader in the final cage of MMA in Inglewood, Calif.

The referee immediately stopped the match as Vader grabbed Fyodor’s wrist and fired a series of blows.

Fyodor is the best fighter in martial arts who has been called ‘humanity’s strongest fighter’. He is familiar to Korean fans as the Pride FC heavyweight champion. 바카라사이트

Fyodor, who had played countless matches in the cage for 23 years, disappeared into history leaving behind a record of 40 wins and 7 losses.

“He was my idol and he is the eternal heavyweight champion,” Vader said. I am so happy to be part of his story.”

Fyodor’s retirement match was attended by MMA stars such as Mark Coleman, Dan Henderson, Josh Barnett, Lois Greige, Matt Hughes and Frank Shamrock.

Fyodor said goodbye, saying, “I’m sad that he didn’t get the fight he wanted, but I’m really happy that his teammates and the crowd cheered him on so fervently.”

Fyodor made his professional debut in January 2000, and was evaluated as ‘one of the greatest fighters in history’ for his numerous fights.

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