Hwang Ui-jo changed his black teeth… Resurrection Wings in the K-League

Hwang Ui-jo (31), striker of the Korean national soccer team, will return to the K-League wearing a FC Seoul uniform.

FC Seoul announced on the 5th that it had officially recruited Hwang Eui-jo from Olympiacos in Greece. It is known that the duration of his contract is a short-term loan of 6 months. As a result, Hwang Eui-jo left Seongnam FC and joined Gamba Osaka in Japan, returning to the K-League six years after 2017, when he first entered overseas. Hwang Ui-jo, who made his professional debut in Seongnam in 2013, played 4 seasons in the K-League until 2017, playing in 140 games and scoring 35 goals and 8 assists.

The reason Hwang Eui-jo returned to Korea was because he was in a situation where he could not play in Europe for the time being. After advancing to Europe, Hwang Ui-jo, who played in Bordeaux (France) and surpassed Park Joo-young (25 goals) to record the most goals (29 goals) in the French League Asian player’s career, played two games in Bordeaux, which was relegated to the second division in the 2022-23 season. After transferring to Nottingham Forest (England) in August of last year, the staff was twisted. Immediately, the owner went on loan to the same Olympiacos, but he was completely pushed out of the main competition, with only one assist in 12 official matches. In the process, he lost his sense of the game, and he did not show much performance at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. 안전놀이터

Recently, the lease of Olympiacos ended and he joined Nottingham, but this time, the rules of the International Football Federation (FIFA) got in the way. Due to the rules, only two clubs can play official matches in a season, so he could not play for Nottingham or any other team in Europe until the end of this season. However, unlike Europe, there is an exception rule for participating in leagues operated according to the spring and autumn system, so Hwang Ui-jo found a new nest in the United States, Japan, and Korea. In the end, he chose the K-League, which does not require any adaptations, to improve his performance quickly. Seoul, which desperately needed to strengthen its offensive power ahead of the new season, said, “We decided to recruit because we thought it would create positive synergy for both the club and the players.” I hope it will give,” he explained.

Hwang Eui-jo, who will join Seoul in earnest through the second winter training session in Kagoshima, Japan from the 6th, said in a video released by the club, “I will do my best to make it a team worthy of its reputation, but for a short period of time. I want to raise as many attack points as possible and go to the position I personally want.” He added, “I considered the part about the sense of the game first and thought that Seoul would be the best choice.”

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