“I remembered what I learned in the army,” says Yang Ji, who saved the fallen Heo Do-hwan… Heo Do-hwan says “thank you” in return

Everyone was a hero. Heo Do-hwan (39) was hit squarely in the neck by a bound pitch. Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) umpire Kim Se-soo, who immediately removed his helmet and turned him over to check his condition. Doosan stablemate Yang Ji (36), who unbuckled his belt to help him breathe, and Heo Do-hwan, who contacted Yang Ji after the game to say “thank you”. The team spirit shone through.

The LG Twins and Doosan Bears concluded their intense three-game weekend series in Jamsil. LG won the best-of-three series 2-1. In the first game of the three-game series on the 16th, there was even a bench-clearing.

However, there was a heartwarming moment that warmed everyone’s hearts for a while. On the 17th, Jamsil Stadium. Doosan attacked in the bottom of the third inning. Yang stepped up to the plate with two outs. The count was 2-2. LG starter Kelly’s 토토사이트 seven-pitch curveball (132 kilometers) was bound for catcher Heo Do-hwan, but the ball slipped under his neck protector and hit him directly in the neck. He grabbed the ball again and looked to see if the runner at second base was moving, but then collapsed to the ground.

At first, neither Kim nor Yang Ji noticed Heo’s condition. However, when Heo continued to not get up, umpire Kim looked at him and immediately realized something was wrong, so he removed Heo’s helmet and flipped him over to help him breathe. Yang, who had just taken a turn at the plate, also unbuckled his waist belt and helped him breathe as freely and comfortably as possible. The medical staff immediately rushed out to check on him. Fortunately, He woke up immediately. After coughing a few times, he shook his head to clear his head and returned to play.

If he hadn’t been able to breathe normally in time, it could have been a disastrous situation. In the end, it was a moment where the team spirit of referee Kim and Yang Ji shone through. Ahead of the Jamsil LG game on the 18th, we spoke to Yang Ji about the situation. “At first, I thought it was a simple bound ball, but then I realized that (Heo) Do-hwan was stiff and not breathing well,” Yang Ji recalled the tense moment through the club.

“I was so surprised, but then I remembered something I learned in the military: the umpire (Kim) immediately turned over and unbuckled his catcher’s gear, and I unbuckled my (pants) belt, which I thought would be too tight. After the game, Do-hwan contacted me to thank me. I hope all the players don’t get injured in the increasingly hot weather.”

After the match on the 18th, I caught up with Heo Do-hwan at Jamsil Stadium. “When I asked him if he was okay, he showed me his neck and smiled. He was hit in the neck by a pitch and had a huge bruise. It was a scar that showed how traumatizing the experience was. “I think I lost consciousness for a while because I couldn’t breathe after being hit in the neck. Fortunately, I’m fine now. As soon as I finished yesterday’s match, I contacted (Yang) Willi to say ‘thank you’. I’m grateful to everyone.” The umpires and the opposing team’s players who showed a sense of camaraderie in a tense moment. And Heo Do-hwan, who never forgot to thank them. Everyone was a hero with a warm heart.

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