‘I thought it was a wrist twist… ‘ Jo Jae-ho, who beat 15-year-old Kim Young-won thanks to his chin, ‘I don’t laugh when I laugh’-Crown Championship Round of 128

Fifteen-year-old middle school student Kim Young-won. With a record of 7 wins and 1 loss in the 3rd game of the PBA Challenge Tour and 5 wins and 1 loss in the 4th game, she jumped into the first part of the tour.

The first match was the Wellbang Championship last month. He was defeated 0-3 by the mighty Zapata and was knocked out in the round of 128, but almost caught the second set.

After hitting 4 -2 -2 in the first 3 innings, he shot 3 consecutive hits in the 8th inning to rise to the set point.

14:6. The score difference was wide enough, and it only took 1 point, but I missed the pole three times. In the meantime, Zapata added 3 consecutive hits in 9 innings and ended the game with 6 consecutive hits in 10 innings.

Although we lost, it was a great debut that we fought well.

The round of 128 of the ‘2023 Crown Haitai PBA Championship’ held on the 3rd (Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center). I got stuck with the world class Superman Jo Jae-ho.

Kim Young-won would have been learning a few moves, but for Jo Jae-ho, it was an embarrassing fight like ‘twisting a child’s wrist’.

As expected, Jaeho Jo took the first and second sets 15:9 and 15:1. And in the third set, he scored 7 consecutive hits in 7 innings, leading 12:9. Cho Jae-ho’s natural 3-0 victory was seen.

However, Jo Jae-ho’s shot suddenly faltered as if his pulse was relaxed with victory ahead. Kim Young-won’s shot became lighter. I had to lose, so there was no reason to be burdened.

In 8 innings, he hit 3 consecutive hits with a comfortable mind and tied the score at 12:12. Jo Jae-ho continued to hit the ball. He shot into the air three times. After 11 innings and 3 consecutive hits, it was a 15:12 come-from-behind victory.

It was the first set I got from the PBA.

In the 4th set, I could see Cho Jae-ho shaking. Why not, it’s a quality yard.

He gave up five times through the seventh inning. Kim Young-won shot 5 consecutive hits in 2 innings. The match slanted to 12:3. Jo Jae-ho was not like Jo Jae-ho, and Kim Young-won was more than Kim Young-won. In 11 innings, they filled up the remaining 1 run and won 15:7.

A fight between a fearless boy who doesn’t know how to be afraid of a dog bull for a day and a nervous champion. 메이저놀이터

The boy took the lead and scored the first point. Missed the 2nd point. Jo Jae-ho also scored 1 point without difficulty, but missed the 2nd point that seemed unlikely to be missed.

2 innings to win. Kim Young-Won scored another point, but missed the second point again. Jo Jae-ho also scored 1 point. But the second shot missed. But no. As this got stuck, I bumped into it in the wrong place.

It was the fluke final blow. Jo Jae-ho smiled shyly. It was ‘I’m not laughing when I’m laughing’.

Fifteen-year-old Kim Young-won’s first PBA victory disappeared right in front of his eyes. However, he hit a wild shot and showed that he might soon get his first win, not his first.

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