“I was scammed” NBA Referees Association admits LeBron’s all-time misjudgment

On the 30th (Korean time), LeBron James (LA Lakers) posted the final layup scene in the fourth quarter against the Boston Celtics the day before through his Instagram story. It was a video of Jayson Tatum (Boston) hitting his arm during the block process. On top of the video, the words “Good Block, Jayson Tatum” were also engraved.

온라인카지노 The LA Lakers and Boston match held at TD Garden on the 29th.

Just before the end of the 105-105 match, James jumped toward the rim. The moment he put the ball up with his left hand, Tatum attempted a block. But Tatum’s hand hit James’ arm. The referee ruled it was a normal block, and the match went into overtime.

James and the LA Lakers collapsed in overtime. The Los Angeles Lakers lost 121-125. The result could have been different if Tatum’s foul at the last minute had resulted in two free throws.

James was furious. He strongly protested the referee’s decision, and dropped his head as he fell to his knees. James’ colleague Patrick Beverly also received a technical foul for showing the referee a camera containing the video. Head coach Davin Hamm then said, “It’s amazing that the best player on the planet can’t be called,” and his teammate Anthony Davis also raised his voice, saying, “I was scammed. It was a blatant foul.”

It was also recorded as a misjudgment in the 2-minute report that followed.

In the end, the NBA Referees Association also admitted the error. On the 30th, the NBA Referees Association lowered its head through SNS, saying, “Empires also make mistakes. There was a mistake yesterday.” In response, James posted a post on Instagram saying “Good block, Jayson Tatum” and sarcastically criticized the referee’s decision.

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