“If I can’t go to KS and retire, wouldn’t it be a big regret?” Wonderful best stage, 38-year-old veteran Sidearm’s earnestness

“If I can’t go and retire, it will be very regrettable.”

Samsung Lions veteran pitcher Woo Kyu-min (38) has only one dream. It is to step on the best stage, the Korean Series (KS) mound.

Woo Kyu-min, who joined the LG Twins in the 2nd, 3rd round, 19th place in 2003, has been running non-stop since his debut in the first team in 2004. Woo Kyu-min has played 703 professional games so far, recording 79 wins, 85 losses, 90 saves and 93 holds with an average ERA of 3.92.

Ahead of the 2017 season, he left his beloved LG and is playing baseball at Samsung. 2021 was an opportunity. Samsung washed away the regrets of the past five years and went straight to the playoffs with second place in the regular season. However, he was unable to step on the stage of the Korean Series as he was blocked by the Doosan Bears wall.

Woo Gyu-min, whom I met at the Samsung Spring Camp training ground recently in Okinawa, Japan, said, “I always think before the start of each season. I really want to go there at least once. I think I should go there before I retire. Wouldn’t it be a big regret if I couldn’t go to the Korean Series and retire?” I just want to focus on helping the team achieve its goals.”

Woo Kyu-min came in about two weeks before the start of the spring camp and built up his body. His junior pitchers Lee Seung-hyun, Hong Jeong-woo, and Moon Yong-ik were also with him.

He said, “I didn’t have to rush. Concentrate on what you were doing. Since the weather was nice, he felt his body improve while playing catch. It was a time when juniors had to throw the ball hard. When I throw a ball on a warm day, my body is well built, so I came in together.”

He is a veteran pitcher with experience and skills comparable to Seung-hwan Oh, the ‘leader of the end’. What does Woo Gyu-min often say to his juniors?

After laughing, Woo Gyu-min said, “I don’t have to say a lot these days because ‘Latte is, Latte is’.” When juniors come up and talk first, I tend to talk about the experiences I have felt as a baseball player and what my juniors can learn.”

He is in a position to give advice to his juniors, but on the contrary, Woo Kyu-min says he has lessons to learn from younger players.

He said, “It is good to see the boldness and confidence. I couldn’t do that when I was younger. As for the technical part, you just have to feel it and make it yourself. But mentally, I think that the young people now are stronger than when I was younger.”

“There are so many good pitchers on our team. It’s actually a small difference, but we all have the strength to overcome it. It is my wish that all the pitchers and players on our team do well.”

In the off-season Samsung Spring Camp, hell training is going on to the extent that ‘evil’ sounds come out. Veterans are no exception. Everyone has to deal with a tight training schedule.

Woo Kyu-min said, “I am now in my 21st year as a pro. He said, “I hope that this difficult process comes out with good results during the season.” 온라인카지노

He continued, “Hasn’t Park Jin-man been newly appointed? On the defensive side, he is a very well-known manager. He pays a lot of attention on the defensive side. We will work harder so that our pitchers can also make ordinary batting balls.”

Finally, Woo Kyu-min said, “In the end, our pitchers have to do well. I believe that if pitchers give up fewer runs and fewer errors on defense, good results will come out every game. I will do my best so that the pitchers can do their best in each position and produce good results.”

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