Infield restaurant Seoul High School produced by Ahn Jae-seok and Lee Jae-hyun… This year, Kim Young-chae, the girl’s daughter

Some say that only Lee Sang-jun stands out as a beast worthy of reaching the top ranks. Of course, this is because not many players have been revealed yet. In high school baseball, there are few players who start as a starting pitcher from the second year unless there are special circumstances because of the problem of going to school. Seoul, where there are many players, is even more so. In that sense, the eyes of officials who are trying to find a good infielder are now turning to prestigious high schools such as Whimoon, Seoul, and Chungam.

The first team to pay attention to is Seoul High School, an infield restaurant that produced Ahn Jae-seok (Doosan) and Lee Jae-hyeon (Samsung). An infielder has been named pro for the last three years in a row. Ahn Jae-seok in 2021, Lee Jae-hyun in 2022, and Kim Do-wol in 2023.

Seoul High School is a school where the best players in the Seoul area usually go. Looking at the statistics for the last three years, it has produced the most professionally nominated players. Two years ago, it produced three first-time nominees (Lee Byung-hun, Lee Jae-hyun, and Joo Seung-woo). Therefore, if he is the starting player of Seoul High School, the eyes of professional officials are inevitable.

There are two beasts worth paying attention to at Seoul High School this year. They are third baseman Kim Young-chae (18) and shortstop Yeo Dong-geon (18).

Kim Young-chae recorded a batting average of 0.256 (3 doubles) in 48 at-bats last season. It is a great thing that a sophomore at Seoul High School is playing as a starting player. Jung Joon-young, who was nominated by KT this year, is a junior at Gangnam Middle School of Kiwoom Ahn-gyeom. He has a strong shoulder, a strong point on the throwing side, and a good batting player. Above all, it is the 2023 claim of Seoul High School. Because it is a style with leadership, manager Yoo Jung-min took over as captain.

Recently, scout officials are in the mood to include personality and leadership as a tool. Hanwha Mun Hyun-bin (19), who was the captain of Bukil High School last year, is a representative example of receiving high marks in such areas and receiving a high ranking. Kim Young-chae is fine in both offense and defense, but Seoul High School coach Yoo Jung-min hints that he has an advantage in batting. As of now, there is a high possibility of entering the central batting line of Seoul High School.

Another strength of his is that he is an academic player. He is obsessed with baseball theory and is good at studying. He is a smart player who does not let go of his studies to the extent that he has a subject with a 3rd grade at a prestigious high school located in the Gangnam area. There is also a case in which left-handed pitcher Park Geon-woo, who studied well at Seoul High School, re-entered Seoul National University after transferring to Shinil High School and failing to receive a pro nomination.

Yeo Dong-gun is an infielder with a completely different style from Kim Young-chae. If Kim Young-chae is a player who melts into the team, Yeo Dong-geon is a style that stands out just by looking at it. She is a freewheeling style who plays flashy rather than stable.

Her specialties are defense and feet. In particular, her shoulders are strong. My sister-in-law is so confident that she said, “Seongnam High School Lee Jae-sang is pitching, but I think his shoulder is stronger.” His hitting is also quite good. He brings his batting average to .326 in 2022. He also has 1 home run. Jeon Jun-pyo and Lee Chan-sol of the same team said, “I’ve never seen a shortstop who is as good at defense as Yeo Dong-gun.”

However, there are some downsides to both of them. Kim Young-chae should show a little more impact. In particular, he lacks showing on the hitting side. Third baseman is the long hitter’s position. You have to prove your character as a long-distance hitter in order to be selected by a professional club.

As for the sister-in-law, his small physique is a hindrance. He is about 170 cm tall. At his high school level, it doesn’t matter at all. But in the professional world, small players are not in great demand. The competition is too fierce. An official from a club said, “Last year’s senior, Jeong Min-joon, was also not nominated. Last year, Bae In-hyeok also had a batting average of 0.381 and stole more than 20 bases, but he was enough to be nominated in the 11th round, so he should watch this year.”

The performance of the two players, who will be the center hitters of Seoul High School, can be confirmed for the first time in the prestigious high school baseball competition held in March this year.토토사이트

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