“Insanity”…Kyrie Irving, ‘Rage-Inducing Move’

Kyrie Irving officially requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets on the 4th (Korean time). The reason is that he did not receive a large contract extension. Irving’s side requested that the team be moved before the February 10 trade deadline.

ESPN broadcaster Stephen A Smith was furious when he heard Irving’s trade request, calling it “insane.” He said, “In the past three years, I have missed more than 50% of the games even though I have been paid that way. No one doubts his skills. What everyone questioned was whether he could keep the team out of trouble. Brooklyn didn’t offer Irving a full season contract extension. He had a major accident this season as well. No team can trust him now.”

That’s 100% correct. Irving has weaknesses in defense, but he is enough to be classified as a top-notch guard just because of his destructive power in attack. He’s already won a championship, and he’s proven himself to be an eight-time All-Star.

But he has more fatal problems than his defensive weaknesses. It’s just that he sees the team very easy. The modern NBA is much more committed to protecting the rights of its players than the NBA of the past. Through trainer placement, road management, psychological care, and schedule adjustments.

It is clear that requesting a trade is one of the rights you can claim as a player. If it is a team that neglects you, or a team that has environmental factors that make it difficult for you to display your skills, you can request a transfer as a player. It is also one of the most important aspects of the modern NBA.

However, there are players who detract from the value of these trade requests. Kyrie Irving is the main character. Irving asked for a trade from every team he played for. 안전놀이터

In his time in Cleveland, he suddenly took a dive with anger over not being able to play as the first option. After that, he moved to Boston just like he wanted. However, Irving never led the team as a leader and made a lot of noise in Boston. He also made a new nest in Brooklyn through an unexpected transfer, and is preparing for another transfer with two trade requests in Brooklyn. At this point, it cannot be seen as a club problem. He is making too many transfer requests for not meeting his needs 100%.

e made false promises to local fans for each team he went to.

On July 20, 2013, at a meeting with local fans in Cleveland, Irving received warm applause and cheers from local fans, saying, “Unlike LeBron James, I will not leave Cleveland.” After that, he asked for a trade and left Cleveland.

October 5, 2018. Irving moved to Boston. Ahead of the season opening, TD Garden was packed with fans for pre-season events. Irving said, “It’s a very important issue to be retired from Boston. I will sign an extended contract with Boston next summer,” receiving enthusiastic cheers from fans. And he chose to move to Brooklyn.

March 27, 2022. He makes another promise. It was an appointment with his colleague Kevin Durant. “I love being here. When summer comes, I will never leave my man No. 7 (Kevin Durant).” Exactly one year later, he made another trade request.

Promises with local fans and co-workers are discarded according to one’s own mood. In fact, from the incident of leaving the team without permission in January 2021, the incident of not playing the rest of the season due to insistence on not being vaccinated, remarks ignoring colleagues, issues of team chemistry, etc. do.

Irving boasts great perfection as a player. However, if you look at the trade scenarios presented after his trade request, you can see that there are many offers that are quite cheap compared to his player value. The reason is clear. Basketball is a team sport, and in the end, a team that performs well is a team in which the team chemistry is solid and the players’ skills are expressed. There is no case where a team with broken team chemistry won the championship.

Irving has gone beyond tearing down team chemistry wherever he goes and has ‘smashed it’. Also, this player is a player who declares that if he does not like himself, he will leave the team without permission and leave the team altogether. I have never successfully settled in any of the teams I have been involved with so far. I’m very curious to see how his trade value will be measured. What is certain is that no fan can support his move.

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