Is it the switch switching game number or the winning team’s release catcher… Competition for 15.2 billion backups is bloody

National team catcher Yang Eui-ji was brought in for 15.2 billion won, but Yang Eui-ji alone cannot play 144 games. Only when a reliable backup catcher appears to arrange Yang Eui-ji’s stamina can he become a strong team.

Prior to the spring camp in Sydney, Australia, Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop sent a message to battery coach Yuji Serizawa, asking him to “make a good second catcher.”

In November of last year, Doosan significantly upgraded the homeroom by recruiting Eui-ji Yang for 15.2 billion won in 4+2, the highest ever in the KBO League free agency. The presence of one Yang Eui-ji was so strong that Doosan was evaluated as having jumped into the top 5 competition at once. However, Yang Eui-ji, who was born in 1987, is 36 years old this year. Of course, both batting and defense are top-notch, but it is physically and physically difficult for him to play 144 games alone. He also shouldn’t be running a team like that.

Accordingly, Doosan included a total of four backup catchers in the roster for the Australian spring camp, including Jang Seung-hyun, Ahn Seung-han, Park Yoo-yeon, and rookie Yoon Jun-ho. And they competed more fiercely than ever to become the second catcher under the hot Sydney sun. Coach Lee, who admired the passion of the catchers during last year’s finish camp, applauded their tireless efforts in Australia as well. All four seemed fully aware of the command tower’s theory that “a strong backup makes a strong team.”

Along with Yang Eui-ji, the leading candidates to occupy the catcher’s entry are Jang Seung-hyun and Ahn Seung-han. Jang Seung-hyun, who was nominated in the 36th place in the 2013 Doosan 4th round, has the most first-team experience among the four players. His status continued as a backup, but he debuted in the first team in 2018 and played 230 games. In addition, at this spring camp, he was recognized for his ability as a left-handed hitter and made a winning move by turning to a switch hitter. His intention was to increase competitiveness in offense as well as defense.

Ahn Seung-han, who joined KT in the 2nd special 12th place in 2014, was released from KT after the 2021 season, but after extending his active duty through the Doosan joining test, he left a strong impression with a batting average of 3.3 3 and 8 RBIs in 30 games last year. His first-team career spanned 66 matches, but he left a mark with his sincere training attitude and stable defense.

Of the two players, it was Jang Seung-hyun who took the advantage. Coach Serizawa said, “Jang Seung-hyun has more first-team records. Of course, his chances should be given equal, but considering the track record he has done so far, he cannot be seen as equal. “Players who have played a lot have an advantage,” he said. “That’s why players who lack performance have to work harder. Ahn Seung-han and Park Yoo-yeon need to work hard,” summarizing the competition for backup catchers.

He said, “The key is how much Yang Eui-ji wins in a game where he is resting. Director Lee Seung-yeop also asked me to make a good second catcher,” he said. There are two catcher entries, and if both are exhausted, we are also considering an extreme situation in which Kim Min-hyuk and Kim Jae-hwan wear masks.”

However, first of all, Yang Eui-ji, as a catcher with 15.2 billion won, must digest defensive innings appropriate for him. Yang Eui-ji was only able to digest 736⅔ innings (7th in the league) at home due to an injury last year. 1st place was Yoo Kang-nam (LG at the time) with 1008⅓ innings, 2nd place was Lee Ji-Young (Kiwoom) with 994⅔ innings, and 3rd place was Park Se-Hyeok (then Doosan) with 884 innings.

Coach Serizawa said, “Last year, Yang Eui-ji could not play 750 innings due to an injury. To be honest, he emphasized the role of the main catcher, saying, Yang Eui-ji must play more than 850 innings as the main catcher this year for Doosan to compete for the championship. 온라인카지노

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