Man Utd launches the Naples Raid Project… Target is Kim Min-jae + Osimen

The news that Manchester United is watching Kim Min-jae came from the past. Global media ‘’ quoted a report from Italy’s ‘Coriello Dello Sport’ on the 27th (Korean time) and said, “Man Utd, who has a lot of interest in Kim Min-jae, decided to bring him in this summer transfer market. We are thinking of signing Kim Min-jae through a buyout of 48 million euros (approximately 64.4 billion won) triggered in the transfer market.”

Manchester United are likely to see a change in their central defender position next season. This is because Harry Maguire, who was the original captain, was pushed to the 4th-ranked center back when manager Ten Hagh took over. Maguire is currently revealing his will to focus on the team, but transfer rumors are coming out from the winter transfer market.

Raphael Baran and Lisandro Martinez’s breathing is excellent, but Baran often suffers from residual injuries every season. Coach Ten Hag likes to use both left-footed and right-footed centre-backs from behind, but Kim Min-jae is proving that he can play well as a left-footed centre-back at Napoli. Kim Min-jae is also the center of the rear build-up in Naples.

Kim Min-jae is not the only player Manchester United is targeting at Napoli. Manchester United, who have lost their main striker since Cristiano Ronaldo, are aiming for Osimen, the core of Napoli’s attack. Osimen is the leading player in Napoli’s attack, exploding 13 goals and 3 assists in 15 league games this season. Physical condition such as speed and strength is already a player close to completion. He’s also known for his recklessness and high pressure, which already fits the profile Eric ten Haag wants.

United are gearing up to sign a big-time striker in the transfer window next summer, and Osimen is a favorite along with Harry Kane. It was true that Manchester United were interested in Osimen.

Italian transfer market expert Gianluica Di Marzio said in an interview with Netherlands’ Soccernews on the 27th, “Man United have to pay at least 120 million euros (about 161.2 billion won) for him, but Premier League clubs have the financial resources to do so. “It’s payable. Manchester United definitely want to sign Osimen. Other clubs do the same.” 메이저사이트

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