Masan High School’s second-year ace, who caught it thanks to “Daeibyeon,” is on the verge of losing a point. “He’s alive with his crisis management skills”

Masan High School made an unusual 꽁머니사이트 move to catch Deoksu High School, the favorite to win.

Masan High School advanced to the second round by winning 11-4 in the first round of the 78th Cheongryonggi National High School Baseball Championship and weekend league match Deoksu High School at Mokdong Baseball Stadium on the 10th.

Masan High School’s Kim Yoon-ha took the mound in the top of the seventh inning, when his team led 6-4, and finished the inning by catching Deoksu High School’s sixth batter catcher Kim Jae-hyung with a foul fly to third base.

Kim Yoon-ha, a second-year student who plays Masan High School’s ace, has a confident physique of 192cm and 99kg. Kim Yoon-ha, along with Ok Jin-yul, is a tall right-handed orthodox who is over 190cm tall and is drawing attention from scouts as he led Masan High School’s great leap forward.

Masan High School won the seventh cold game against Deoksu High School, which won the E-Mart Cup in April, resulting in an unexpected event.

Masan High School, which defeated Deoksu High School, met Busan High School, which won the sixth rain call against Woosung AC in the sixth inning the previous day, at Mokdong Baseball Stadium at 11:30 on the 13th.

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