Master of Diving Catch, Subin Sue’s know-how

In terms of defense, he is the top center fielder in the KBO League. If the momentum from the second half of last year continues from the beginning of this season, a full-time lead-off is possible. Doosan Soo-bin (33), who has set the goal of ‘consistency’, will run again.

Soo-bin Su, who is digesting the spring camp at the Blacktown International Baseball Center in Australia, is training with a bright expression. Except for the late honeymoon period, he has been training almost every day since last November, trying not to forget his senses. He had a batting average of 0.221 in the first half, but rebounded with a batting average of 0.306 in 53 games in the second half. He also contributed strength in offense, hitting three home runs.

He said, “It is regrettable that I have not been able to perform for two years after signing a free agent (FA). He is training with a good memory at the end of last year’s season,” he said. His 2 years of sluggishness are in the past. This year, I want to do well from the beginning to the end of the season. We are aiming to do well from the start,” he emphasized.

Holding the bat short and striking in various forms is Sue-bin’s trademark. He said, “Because of his greed to do well, he is trying this and that, such as changing his form frequently,” and said, “This year, we are preparing for the season with the batting form from the second half of last year.” In the preparation position, stand with your wrist relaxed as much as possible, and focus on hitting the ball to the center of the bat quickly and accurately.

In fact, what the team wants from Su-bin is more mobility than exciting blows. He has recorded an on-base percentage of 0.350 or higher for three years since 2018, but if he raises it to the second half of the 30s, his tactical operation will widen. Subin also knows. He said, “The coach said he plays tactical baseball a lot. He has to get ready to run, and he has to run. I’m regaining my senses because I need to play one more base, not just steal.”

먹튀검증 It is true that the sense of running has become dull as he refrained from stealing by transforming from the ‘track and field team’ to the ‘hitting team’. Su-bin said, “I also lost my senses because I didn’t run. After three years, he is sweating and training outdoors, so he will recover quickly,” he said confidently.

There is another reason to be confident that you will soon recover the feeling of running. thanks to the defense. Dubbed the ‘king of diving catches’, Soo-bin Su said, “I think of diving catches from the moment I stand.” It is the secret to creating a so-called ‘highlight film’ with a fast start and bold diving catch. He said, “I draw the direction before the ball flies in consideration of the hitter’s tendency and swing trajectory. He starts with the thought of diving, so he can run a little more boldly.”

Frequent diving catches can be hard on the body. However, Su-bin said, “I have been doing it since I was young, so I have my own skills. My skin stings on the artificial turf field, but the grass field is fine,” he laughed. If you start as if you are running towards the ball and slide like a diving catch, it is not difficult to recover your dull sense of base running. If Sue-bin plays again, Doosan’s multi-scoring game will increase. Team colors are changing.

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