My parents like…Four years old records completed in 10 years

The brothers were great. Cleveland Guardians Naylor brothers set a record.

The main characters are infielder Josh Naylor (26) and catcher Bo Naylor (23). In the same game, the two drew attention by shooting home runs in one inning.

The Naylor brothers started side by 토토 가입머니 side in the “2023 Major League” Texas Rangers match at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas on the 15th (Korea Standard Time). Older brother Naylor was the fourth batter and first baseman, while younger brother Naylor was the ninth batter and catcher.

In the top of the third inning, when the 0-0 tight match continued, his younger brother Naylor hit a cannon first. With no outs and runners on first base, he hit a two-run home run over the right fence and scored a 2-0 first run.

After the younger brother solved it first, the older brother appeared. He hit Gray’s slider with two outs and runners on second base to make a 4-0 additional run with a two-run home run that slightly crossed the right fence.

Older brother Naylor scored one hit (one home run) and two RBIs in two at-bats, while younger brother Naylor scored two hits (one home run) and one RBI in four at-bats, but failed to prevent the team from losing. Their performance was overshadowed by a 4-12 defeat due to the bullpen that collapsed in the second half of the game.

After the game, Sarah Reims, a reporter on Major League Baseball’s official website “ ,” highlighted the Naylor brothers’ performance on her personal SNS. “The Naylor brothers have hit home runs on the same team and in the same inning since the Upton brothers on April 24, 2013,” he said, referring to the record.

In an interview with “ ,” his younger brother Naylor expressed his feelings about the brothers’ true records. “It’s a very special thing. “I used to joke like that with my brother in the past,” he said. “I knew how excited he was when I hit a home run. And I was also excited when my brother hit a home run. It was a great moment for the brothers to share together,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Naylor brothers made history as the 13th team in Major League Baseball history and the 13th brother to hit a home run in the same game.

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