No Lee Jeong-hoo, no Ahn Woo-jin…now the Heroes sign is Hye-Sung Special, KBO’s top center fielder ‘2nd in WAR’

Whenever Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki talks about Kim Hye-sung, 24, he never fails to mention this phrase. Her insatiable appetite for baseball has made her the player she is today. She was drafted with the 7th pick of the second round in 2017, the same year as Lee Jung-hoo. For years, she was overshadowed by Lee Jung-hoo, but one day, she became a shining presence, an indispensable part of the program.

Then, the two-hit ace Lee Jung-hoo and Ahn Woo-jin went out for the season due to injuries and surgeries. Now, Kim Hye-sung is in a position to lead the team as the face of Kiwoom. She has already served as the team captain. That alone is enough to make her the leader of the team.

In reality, Kim is more than capable of producing after her up-and-down year. It”s a case of gradual improvement over the last two or three years. Through 123 games, 497 at-bats, 160 hits, .322 batting average, 6 home runs, 50 RBI, 90 runs scored, 22 doubles, 0.427 slugging percentage, 0.383 OPS, 0.810 on-base percentage, 0.291 slugging percentage.바카라사이트

1st in hits, 1st in runs scored, 5th in RBI, 5th in stolen bases, 13th in slugging percentage. One of the best offensive and center fielders in the KBO. The first player in history to win both center field and shortstop Golden Gloves, after winning the shortstop Golden Glove in 2021 and the second base Golden Glove in 2022. Unless something happens, he’s a lock for a third straight Golden Glove. Unstoppable at second base. He’s the best shortstop and second baseman in the entire league.

She is second in the league with a WAR of 5.44 according to baseball stats site Statiz. The only player with a higher WAR than Kim is Noh Si-hwan (Hanwha, 5.85). He’s not just the best center fielder in the league, he’s an MVP candidate. This is a case of being overlooked because your team is the last place candidate.

She’s also very consistent, playing in 123 games this season and missing only one. Her only weakness is her long ball power, but she has a career-high this season. 20th in the league. That’s not bad at all. With the way she’s improving every year, there’s a chance she’ll be even better next year.

Now, Kim Hye-sung needs to lead Kiwoom on and off the field. She has already been the natural centerpiece since Lee Jung-hoo’s absence. Now she needs to take on a leadership role. If she does a good job, it could make her even more valuable.

Kim Hye-sung will be eligible for the post after the 2024 season. She has openly expressed her interest in the major leagues. Some believe she has a better chance of making it to the majors and succeeding than Lee Jung-hoo, who is essentially a batting prospect. On the other hand, there are those who say that her long bat is still her Achilles heel. It’s up to her to prove it. This is the final challenge for a player who has everything.

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