“One syllables” is perfect for Korean signature…KIA SIA SIA Socrates, “I love you and come out loud.”

Socrates Brito (31, KIA Tigers), who visited the KBO All-Star Game with his family, thanked Korean baseball fans for their love.

Socrates, who set foot in the KBO League and Korea through KIA last year, was selected as the first All-Star with a total of 44.59 points, ranking second in fan voting in the outfield category (1096,488) and third in team voting (148 votes).

At the fan signing event before the 먹튀검증 All-Star Game, one difficult request was made. A fan asked Socrates to write his name in Korean. Socrates, who could speak basic greetings, but was not good at writing, willingly wrote letters one by one while looking at the name of the fan on his cell phone. Socrates’ expression, who was satisfied with the pretty completed sign, was the best. Fans who asked for a Korean sign also left with a thank you.

Socrates participated in the minor league futures all-star game as a promising player when he was with the Arizona Diamondbacks in the U.S. Major League Baseball in 2015. Compared to then, it was not comparable in size, but I enjoyed the exciting atmosphere of the KBO League All-Star Game. Socrates, who visited with his wife and daughter Rose, could not leave his smile. Rose, who was born in May last year, was also loved by players and fans.

“I unfortunately failed to participate in the All-Star Game last year, and I’m glad to be back like this,” he said. It’s really nice to be here with my family. I think Koreans really like children. Rose also adores me a lot, and it’s really fun to see her like that,” he said with a big smile.

Unlike domestic players who usually meet and get acquainted during games, foreign players with language barriers are a good opportunity to interact with players from other teams. Ahn Woo-jin (Kium), who visited Drew Rucinski (former NC, now Oakland Athletics) last year, visited Socrates this time.

Socrates was one of the three home run main characters allowed by Ahn Woo-jin this year and fired a shot against Kiwoom in Gwangju on the 28th of last month. On that day, Ahn Woo-jin allowed five runs, the most runs in a game this season, including the first two-run shot he gave to Socrates. According to Ahn Woo-jin, Socrates has only hit once yet, signaling that he will hit another home run the next time he meets.

Socrates, who excited some fans at the pre-event, entered the main game and brought 22,990 full spectators gathered at Sajik Stadium. On this day, he was named in the starting lineup as the fifth batter and left fielder of Nanum All-Star. Entering his first at-bat with runners on first and second base with no outs in the bottom of the first inning, he showed a performance of wearing a fedora and playing trumpet with his cheering song along with teammates Choi Ji-min, Lee Woo-sung, and KIA mascot Hodori. According to a KIA official, Socrates and the players willingly stepped up after the team’s marketing team first proposed it. Not only Lee Woo-sung and Choi Ji-min, but also Yang Hyun-jong and Choi Hyung-woo also participated in the pre-match practice, creating laughter.

The impact was also significant in performance. In his first at-bat, which appeared splendidly, he hit Park Se-woong’s fastball and hit the right pole with a three-run shot. He heated up Sajik Stadium by showing a double in the third inning and a series of cool hits caught right in front of the right fence in the seventh inning. And each time, the cheering song of Socrates, one of the most popular cheering songs in the KBO League, and the dance of drawing a s-shape over his head were automatically played, and fans of the 10 KBO clubs shouted “Tiger’s~ Socrates” vigorously and smiled.

In the background of expressing his determination, “I will enjoy it as much as I can,” there was the affection of Korean fans pouring into Socrates for nearly two years. Socrates said, “Since last year, the love of Korean fans has been fully felt. Not only do they cheer for us at the stadium, but they also always ask for pictures and welcome us when we walk on the street (even when there is no game). Those details come to me really big. I’m so happy,” he said with a smile

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