Pirella is in the “Gyureuk” world? LG, KIA, the league’s shortest small giant who completed the league’s strongest outfield, “I go to work first every day.”

 Among the batters who played more than 40 at-bats in the second half, who is the number one batting average in the second half?

It is not Samsung’s Ja-wook Koo or KIA’s Na Seong-beom. With a height of 1m63, Kim Seong-yoon (24) is the shortest outfielder in the league along with Kim Ji-chan.

17 hits in 37 at-bats (0.459), higher than Koo Ja-wook (0.433) and Na Seong-beom (0.404).

Does that mean your OPS will drop? Not even that.

1.107 with a slugging percentage of 0.595 and an on-base percentage of 0.512. It is slightly lower than Na Seong-beom’s 1.177 (0.660 + 0.517), but it is not a big difference. It is higher than Koo Ja-wook’s 1.061 (0.582+0.479).

The breakthrough of an unknown backup outfielder. Is it a sparkling activity? It doesn’t look like it.

Kim Seong-yoon has only one weakness. It was just the fact that he was short. During his days in Yangsan Wondong Middle School, the source of the water safe, the runner-up team of Cheongryonggi High School Baseball, which ended on July 27,메이저사이트 he was a pitcher with perfect qualities to be evaluated as ‘a player who will go to the major leagues if he is tall’.

In reality, Seongyun Kim is a tool guy. He has strong shoulders with great speed and even batting power with his swing speed that comes out of his solid body built through bulking up. A 22-year-old reserve outfielder who completed military service as a Marine. Attractive.

Kim Seong-yoon, who started as the second left fielder while Jose Pirella suffered from body aches, is putting the bench in happy trouble.

Powerful batting with a simple yet fast swing speed that does not easily back away from the plate. It pushes and produces sharp batted balls continuously. His feet are so fast that he makes the infield nervous. Reached first base in 3.8 seconds. For a pitcher who is not fast in quick motion, a single hit is no different from a double hit.

Also, the outfield defense is top-notch. An outfielder who can play all positions in center field and corner outfield. He boasts an incredibly wide range of defense with quick feet. He has the fighting spirit to throw his whole body and catch it. He even boasts a strong shoulder here. Park Hae-min, the best center fielder in the league, was envious of Seong-yoon Kim’s strong dog during his Samsung days.

You can’t stop writing such a player just because Pirella returns. In the Samsung outfield, players such as Kim Hyeon-joon and Koo Ja-wook are on the rise in the second half.

Kim Seong-yoon, Kim Hyun-joon, and Koo Ja-wook alone are among the best outfielders in the league, and even Pirella comes back to join them. The strongest outfield line-up that is not inferior to LG (Sung-Ju Moon, Hae-Min Park, Chang-Ki Hong, Hyun-Soo Kim) and KIA (Woo-Sung Lee, Socrates, Seong-Beom Na, Hyung-Woo Choi), who boast the strongest in the league. Completed by Seongyun Kim.

Why is this perfect 5-tool player seeing the light of day?

Kim Seong-yoon was a well-prepared starting outfielder who combined great effort with natural talent. In the Futures League, before and after enlisting in the military, he recorded 300.0 for four consecutive seasons. Last year, he made a splash with a high batting average of 3.6. However, due to his solid outfield lineup, he seldom received consistent first-team opportunities.

He was sometimes impelled to step up to the first team and say that if he gets the chance he has to do too well. He used unnecessary strength, and because he was overly immersed, unnecessary play came out.

However, based on his strong performance in the Futures League last year, as opportunities to play in the first team increased this season, he naturally began to show his natural potential and established himself as a reliable first-team player.

Kim Seong-yoon is one of the players who puts the most effort into the team as much as his talent. A Samsung official testifies, “During home games, he is always the first player to come to Lions Park in the morning and do weights.”

Despite his small stature, it was as a result of such constant efforts that he was equipped with enough power to squat as much as Kim Dong-yeop, the best player in the team.

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