Saudi now national team… Mancini close to being named national team coach

Former Italian national team coach Roberto Mancini will join the Saudi Arabian national team.

Italian media ‘토토사이트‘ reported on the 14th (Korean time), ‘After the announcement of the resignation of the Italian manager, the former Italian manager will be very close to leading Saudi Arabia.’

It is quite shocking to go directly to Saudi Arabia after less than a day of resigning from Italy. Mancini, who coached Manchester City and Italy, is a manager who makes the defense and midfield solid. He has a solid eye for selecting players and performed well in the national team. Having won Italy at Euro 2020 and rising to second place as FIFA’s Manager of the Year,

Saudi Arabia has recently been bringing in famous coaches. Starting with Ricard in the 48th, Van Marwijk in the 51st, and Pitch in the 53rd, coach Renard recently took over the team. After Renard went to coach the French women’s national team in 2023, Saudi Arabia was looking for a manager.

According to the media, the offer delivered to Mancini is to receive about 20 million euros (about 29.1 billion won) as an annual salary for three years. Now, his signature on a new contract could arrive as early as 14 August, and Italy will be quick to appoint former Napoli manager Spalletti.

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