Scoring Hockey Goals – Tips from NHL Legends

Serious hockey fans will immediately recognize the following names: Howie Morenz, Maurice “Rocket Richard”, Bernie “Boom Boom” Geoffrion, Gordie Howe, Guy Lafleur, Bobby Hull, Phil Esposito, Mike Bossy, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Brett Hull, Pavel Bure, Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby and now Steven Stamkos. What all the players mentioned above have in common is that they all worked very hard to improve their game, especially their shooting.

I’m sure we’ve all heard stories of how the players were always outside under their parents’ house shooting the puck over and over to improve their shooting skills. Everyone in 스포츠토토 remembers the scene in a Sidney Crosby commercial where one of the teammates shot a puck at his mother’s old clothes dryer, showing fans how he practiced as a kid. This type of practice is not uncommon and actually does a lot to improve both the accuracy and speed of your hockey shots.

Wayne Gretzky famously said, “You miss 100% of the scenes you never get.” True words from a true hockey legend. Of course he is 100% right, but we all know that simply shooting is half the battle. Achieving high levels of accuracy and speed requires diligent work to improve your hockey shooting skills both seasonally and off-season.

For example, Steven Stamkos, one of the best shooters in the league, mentioned that he was a fast skater as a kid, but it took a lot of work to become a great shooter. Stamkos told, “You keep shooting the puck in the summer, and so far before and after practice I still do one-off practices… The Tampa Bay Lightning sniper also added, “The higher the torque, the better you can get into the stick. Just try to be as accurate as possible.”

It’s very important to keep shooting the puck to become the next Steven Stamkos. If ice time isn’t available year-round, the next best thing is to invest in a variety of ice hockey training aids. Instead of using mom’s washing machine or shooting tennis balls at garage doors, how about using a hockey shooting tarp?

The shooting tarp is a reliable and sturdy way for players to practice their shots in virtually any environment. Made from durable nylon with reinforced stitching, the shooting tarp features a regulation-sized net contour and goalkeeper contour to bring the tarp as close as possible to realistic shooting situations.

There are 5 shooting targets (corner 4 and hole 5) and each target is equipped to catch any puck that shoots through you (or your brother/sister) to save time spent chasing the puck. Shooting tarps can be used in pairs on small artificial ice surfaces or on shooting mats or shooting pads.

The hockey shooting tarp can be mounted almost anywhere (indoors or outdoors) as it only requires 8 inches of space between the tarp and the wall/garage door. In 7’x16′ and 8’x16′ sizes (also in custom sizes) the tarp is large enough to get rid of unnecessary dents and dents on walls and doors and not only shoots real pucks with the aforementioned strength and durability. You can apply 100% effort when shooting, which helps you build. Add strength and torque to your shots. Each shooting tarp includes full detailed instructions so you can install it right away and start working on your entire shot repertoire.

A hockey shooting tarp requires a small investment of about $200 (about the price of a good synthetic stick) and a short time to install properly. However, your available dividends will far exceed what you spend, and you will immediately notice improvements in both speed and accuracy of your shots.

Thor Josefson is a content manager at A website focused on supporting hockey training, helping hockey players develop their hockey skills through fun skill-building exercises. Thor played collegiate hockey in Minnesota and coached with some of the best players.

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