“Since the rainy season is over, there will be a typhoon.” Yeom Gal-ryang’s desperate wish, “Stop the rain.”

In the KT Wiz match held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on the 25th, the bats of LG Twins batters cooled down. There is also a reason why opposing 꽁머니사이트 starter Wes Benjamin threw so well, but LG players could not overcome the aftermath of taking a forced break for four days due to the cancellation of rain.

On this day, LG’s batters were tied to starter Benjamin with three hits, and Kim Jae-yoon seemed to be alive with three hits and one run in the ninth inning, but eventually lost 1-4. LG lost its first game in the second half (against SSG Landers on the 21st) following its second straight loss in the first half, and dropped four games until that day.

I didn’t get help from the rain. KT, which suffered two rain cancellations in the first week of July, also canceled its last three consecutive games (against the Hanwha Eagles) in July due to rain in two games. LG, which had a break in the All-Star Game, was hit by a rain-cancelling bomb again after playing its first game in the second half. Two games were postponed due to rain on the 22nd and 23rd. Only nine games were played on July 25. It was bound to affect the players’ sense of practice.

LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop also sighed. Director Yeom, who met with reporters on the 26th, smiled bitterly, saying, “I wish it would stop raining.” Head coach Yeom, who looked back on the previous day (25th), said, “The batters’ sense of play has fallen a lot,” adding, “I don’t want to cancel the rain.” I’m so out of touch with the game.. “Now I just want to play (as scheduled).”

The Korea Meteorological Administration announced that the rainy season was over this year to Yeom, who did not want any more rain. Then head coach Yeom smiled despondently, saying, “There will be a typhoon now…” Head coach Yeom Kyung-yeop expressed his wish, saying, “I hope it will flow normally in the future without rain cancellation and Monday’s game.”

LG, which has lost four consecutive games, aims to turn the mood around with a victory on the 26th. The opposing starting pitcher is Ko Young-pyo, an underhand pitcher. Ko Young-pyo appeared in two games against LG this season and was somewhat bad with one loss and an ERA of 13.50 (8 runs in 5⅓ innings). Head coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “I think the batters will do well today. Ko Young-pyo’s check is good, so it won’t be easy to run (stealing), but I hope he can get on base first.”

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