“The fans and players were great,” says a tearful Kim Byung-soo

Neither the eternal strong nor the eternal weak is a story that does not work in the K-League. 12th place Suwon Samsung caused a disturbance to catch the lead Ulsan.

Suwon Samsung Bluewings won a 메이저도메인 3-1 victory thanks to consecutive goals from Jeon Jin-woo, Mulich and Kim Joo-chan in the home game against Ulsan Hyundai Tigers in the 23rd round of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 held at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 15th.

Suwon, who won against leaders Ulsan, secured a foothold in the pursuit of the top group by winning their first home win of the season and their first victory in about two months after their victory in Gangwon last May. 

It was a victory that could not have been better for Suwon. In the face of Ulsan’s powerful firepower, it was completely blocked until the 94th minute. In particular, the strategy of blocking Ulsan’s attack tactically and counterattacking with passing play using Kazuki was definitely effective.

Because of this, even though Lee Ki-je and Ko Seung-beom were used in the second half and their stamina was saved, they took the upper hand in their performance and eventually won the victory and were able to give a big first win gift in front of the home fans.

Coach Kim Byung-soo smiled at the post-game press conference after a long time. When asked about his impressions after the game, coach Kim said, “From the start, it was a very good flow, and I think the players showed good concentration accordingly. “I felt that I was doing my job properly while looking at my concentration. However, I just came out of the tunnel and I think I am at the starting line. From now on, I hope that we will continue to show harmony, trust and help each other like today.” revealed

Tears welled up in the eyes of director Kim Byung-soo during the interview. Manager Kim smiled, saying, “I didn’t cry, and sometimes I feel moved without even realizing it. There are times when I shed tears when the fans cheered, or when the players played great, but I shed it for a while.”

Admiring Kim Joo-chan’s goal, “I can’t believe it,” coach Kim praised him, saying, “He finished calmly unlike his young age. We played the first 90 minutes at a young age, and we have a good option.” 

Regarding the tactics of today’s game, “In the beginning, I tried to maintain the tone of the first half because if I sat down in advance, my concentration could be disturbed. After 20 minutes in the second half, the opponent’s right line came in deep and I lowered Kim Kyung-joong a little. gone,” he explained.

It is the first win at home. Manager Kim Byung-soo said, “Winning is the same as away or home. It seems that the joy of winning after a long time has been greater. Many fans are cheering us on, but thinking about it now, it is much greater.”

Regarding the possibility of young players, “I thought that there was a high possibility that they were strategically inferior today, and because the fast and powerful players constantly aimed at the opponent’s back space, I prepared for replacement while watching that. However, I thought that young players would be a good option. I believe that there is a high possibility of further growth than now.”

However, he cautioned, “The more you do this, the more you need to be careful. I hope the excitement of the players will last until today, but I hope it will serve as an opportunity for the players to increase their confidence.”

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