The late Kim Young-hee, who ‘left with loneliness’, “Will you be my friend, flowing cloud?”

The late Kim Young-hee, who won the silver medal in Korean women’s basketball at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, left for heaven after living in loneliness.

She passed away on the 31st at the age of 60. Her late husband battled acromegaly for 36 years after her retirement from playing. She said that until recently she was staying in a nursing home.

After attending Dongju Girls’ Middle School and Soongui Girls’ High School, Kim worked as an athlete at Korean Cosmetics. In the national team, she was the tallest center and was responsible for her Korean goal. She was especially instrumental in helping Korea take the silver medal by storm at the Los Angeles Olympics.

However, while she was preparing for the 1988 Seoul Olympics, she collapsed in 1987 and was diagnosed with acromegaly. Since then she has spent a lonely time battling the disease.

Two years ago, in November 2021, she appeared on the YouTube channel “Recent Olympics” to tell about her current situation. At the time, she said, “She spends a lot of time alone. Recently, she was seriously ill and was hospitalized, and she has overcome a major hurdle.” 스포츠토토

She also shared her story of refraining from going out because she was uncomfortable with the gazes around her. She said, “When she’s at home, she’s stuffy, so when she walks out the door, people laugh behind her back and say, ‘You’re a giant. You’re a man or a woman.’ She walks right in. I didn’t want to hear that.” .

Although she was a ‘giant’ in appearance, she was like a girl at heart. She was a delicate and warm-hearted woman, and she is Mr. Kim. He said, “One day, an old woman saw me and was surprised that I was so big. At that time, she said, ‘You were surprised? I am this big, but her heart is cotton candy.

Having been alone for a long time, she got used to loneliness, but she still needed a friend. “There were times when I didn’t go out of the house for three or four years. In the morning, I looked at the clouds passing by outside the window and said, ‘Will you be my friend?’

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