The victory that came together at the end of Cho Jae-young’s waiting

“I didn’t have many opportunities this season, but I think the best time to play is as expected.”

Korean Air won with a set score of 3-1 (25-17, 25-22, 21-25, 27-25) in the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League 4th round men’s Samsung Firefighting match held at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on the 11th. did.

Cho Jae-young scored 10 points, including 3 blocks, in the game that day. The attack success rate was also good at 77.78%. As a middle blocker, he stepped on the court as a starter and led the win.

After stepping on the court as a starter after 277 days, he expressed his short impressions, saying, “I didn’t have many opportunities this season, but I think playing games is the best.” He continued, “I went in for the second time as a middle blocker this season. He practiced hard and had a desire to show it, but it was regrettable that there were few opportunities. However, he said, “The team has good results and there are many good players, so I wanted to follow suit.”

Korean Air has a young player named Kim Min-jae as the main middle blocker. Even in his second year, he secured a starting position with tremendous improvement in his skills. How do you see Jaeyoung Cho, your senior in the same position? He said, “(Kim) Min-jae has a short command, but he has a good sense. He is curious and has a good attitude to learn. He is the younger brother, but he has a lot to learn.”

On the contrary, he questioned his own merits. He said, “I am preparing hard. When I get an opportunity like this, I wait because I want to show myself,” he said with a shy smile.

Last season, Jaeyoung Cho played an active role as a starting player for the team. I went to 25 games in the 2021-2022 V-League and scored 157 points, and the attack success rate was also good, recording 56.60%. But the current situation is different. It’s better to wait than play first. He asked what kind of mind the player himself had. “When I show it once, I have a big desire to do well. Winning is more important than my personal goal right now, so I am thinking about how I can help the team,” he said calmly.

Currently, Korean Air is not letting go of the lead, but the coach is still not satisfied. Jaeyoung Jo agreed to this. He said, “Because the championship has not been confirmed yet, I am more focused on how to win the next game.”

In addition, Jaeyoung Cho has been active in Korean Air since wearing a Korean Air uniform with the 2nd place in the 3rd round in the 2013-2014 V-League Rookie Draft. That’s why he also won the combined championship for two consecutive years. Again this year, Korean Air is leading the way, and many people consider it a candidate for the championship.

He said, “I debuted here and won three championships. I am proud of this team, and what I want to achieve is to get many stars before my older brothers retire. This year, I want to create a dynasty for Korean Air while doing travel. And I want to leave behind that we are the best.” 바카라

Cho Jae-young’s long wait bore the fruit of ‘victory’. In the remaining matches, Cho Jae-young is still full of things he wants to show. Will his performance be the path to victory for Korean Air?

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