“Ulsan is really professional, the translator’s conversation”… Swedish striker Rubiksson’s exciting life in Ulsan

Ulsan Hyundai Swedish striker Gustav Rubiksson gave an interview with the Swedish media to give an impression of the new team, Ulsan Hyundai. Rubikson said of Ulsan that they are a really professional team and that life in Korea is interesting and fun. 바카라

Swedish soccer media interviewed Rubiksson, who is currently taking on a new challenge in Ulsan, where he is currently training in Algarve, Portugal. Since it was an interview with Swedish media, questions were mainly asked about Hamarby IF, which was in its heyday, but there were also quite a few talks about life in Ulsan.

After rhyming, “It’s really interesting and fun,” Rubikson said, “There are good soccer players in our team, and the facilities are good. I was in Korea for about two weeks before coming to Portugal, and I enjoyed the process of seeing everything and learning little by little. He explained his first impression of Ulsan. “I was impressed with the quality of the players, the intensity of training, and the way all the players manage themselves. It’s really professional,” he said, expressing satisfaction with the atmosphere in Ulsan.

He is also experiencing a cultural shock, but he is trying to adapt. Rubiksson said, “When the language is not communicated, everyone tries to make sure what it means. In the early days of Ulsan, we held a press conference, and the reporters were wondering what the hell we were doing there.”

He continued, “The senior Korean players who played in Europe are familiar with it, but the juniors are very interested in Swedish culture. I once had a conversation with a young player at a training camp, and he said, ‘I have a lot of questions. They asked me related questions. That was good,” he said, amused. “The way we greet each other is also different. It’s quite classy for senior players to take food and stuff first,” he said, showing surprise at the Korean team culture.

Rubikson also unpacked a bundle of stories in relation to the city tour of Ulsan. “I live out of the city,” said Rubikson.

Meanwhile, Rubikson felt sorry for not being able to leave a farewell message to Hamarby IF fans because he left for Ulsan without proper greetings. Rubiksson said, “After I left Hamarby, I didn’t have time for an interview. I’m grateful for all the support the team has given me over the past three years. I’ve also received a lot of love from the fans.”

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