Vietnam raised by Park Hang-seo, the highest salary is expected to be the successor

It is known that the Vietnam Football Association will pay the highest salary to coach Philippe Troussier (68, France), who is likely to succeed coach Park Hang-seo (64).

Vietnamese media ‘Dantree’ said on the 31st, “The salary of Park Hang-seo’s successor has been revealed.”

After finishing runner-up in the Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF) Cup, which ended on the 16th, Vietnam beautifully parted ways with coach Park Hang-seo, who had been with him since 2017. Coach Park Hang-seo achieved unprecedented feats in Vietnamese football history, such as winning the Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF) Cup, winning the Southeast Asian Games gold medal, reaching the semifinals of the Asian Games, and advancing to the final World Cup qualifiers during the five years at the helm.

Vietnam is in a situation where it has picked Trudeau as its successor. After January 31, the official contract period with manager Park Hang-seo, we plan to announce manager Trudeau as the next command tower. Coach Troussier is a well-known figure to domestic fans as he directed the Japanese national team from 1998 to 2002. From 2019 to 2021, he took over as manager Park Hang-seo due to his relationship with leading the Vietnamese under-19 (U-19) team.

Vietnam makes Trudeau the highest-paid coach. According to Dantry, coach Troussier received $128,000 (about 157 million won) per month when he was in charge of the Vietnam U-19 team, and this time it is expected to be more than that. Director Park Hang-seo has never disclosed his salary in detail, but local media explained that it was $50,000 after tax (about 61.5 million won). 먹튀검증

Dantry said, “The reason Troussier’s salary is higher than that of Park Hang-seo is because he coached South Africa in the 1998 World Cup in France and had a good record of advancing Japan to the round of 16 in the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan.”

Vietnam, which pays the highest salary, hopes to carry on the legacy of manager Park Hang-seo. Dantry also emphasized the performance, saying, “Troussier’s high salary comes with pressure to continue the achievements of coach Park Hang-seo.”

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